Ball Pumping 101: Testicle Enlargement

Ball Pumping 101 Testicle Enlargement
There are several reasons why men use ball pumping to enlarge their testicles.

This is the first in a series of articles designed to help you get the most from your ball pumping experience. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons for ball pumping, the dynamics involved in getting proper expansion, and some equipment used in achieving maximum growth.

Ball Pumping 101 Testicle Enlargement
There are several reasons why men use ball pumping to enlarge their testicles.

Why Pump Your Testicles?

Just as there are a wide array of reasons a guy would use a penis pump to enlarge his penis, there are equally as many reasons why a guy would use a ball pump to enlarge his testicles and scrotal sac. Personally, I use a ball pump in conjunction with my penis pump for two reasons:

  1. I enjoy the feel of a large, heavy scrotum and
  2. I think large testicles give the overall genitalia (when engaged in other penis enlargement techniques) a better look.

Whatever your reasons may be, testicle pumping is an enjoyable exercise and has a host of benefits when done correctly.

Understanding Your Plumbing:

anatomy of Scrotum and Testicles - Ball Pumping 101 Testicle Enlargement
Before beginning, it’s important to understand the anatomy of the scrotum and testicles.

Before any enlargement routine, understanding the dynamics of what is taking place within your body is key. Enlarging your testicles and scrotal sac is an easy process, much easier than enlarging the penis. However, great care must be taken in order not to cause any serious damage to the testicles both during and after your sessions.

The scrotal sac is essentially a bag of skin that holds the testicles and seminal vessels. The testicles hang free inside the scrotal sac, but they are not held up by the scrotum. They are supported by tissue that acts to hold them in place, and they hang somewhat freely within the sac. This tissue is highly flexible and reacts to temperature variations by contracting or expanding. This lifts the testicles closer or farther away from the body. The scrotal sac reacts to these temperature changes as well (think about how your sac contracts in a cold shower or expands on a hot summer day).

Along with these tissues, blood vessels and seminal vesicles reside in the scrotal sac. In conjunction with the testicles, these are the areas ball pumping targets. By pumping the scrotum, these tissues are made to expand and lengthen, resulting in “low hangers.” A typical testicle pumping session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to more than 3 hours. Advanced pumpers often go longer than 4 hours and can expand their scrotum to 16″ or more in diameter. Reaching sizes like this isn’t difficult, but does take quite a bit of time. The tissues within the scrotal sac will react better to the process when they are in the right state or condition, so ensuring the conditions are conducive to enlargement is very important.

Temperature is a key element in getting proper expansion during your pumping session. Just as in penis pumping, testicle pumping at warm temps causes tissue within the scrotal sac to soften and elongate easier. Pumping also enlarges the scrotal sac itself, which makes more length for the testicles to drop into; and it tends to have some permanent enlarging effects on the testicles themselves.

Achieving the Testicle Enlargement Results You Want

Ball Pumping 101 Testicle Enlargement
Testicle pumping is a slow process but well worth the time.

Testicle pumping isn’t for everyone. It’s a long slow process but in my opinion, well worth the time invested to enlarging your total package. If you’ve had any experience with standard penis pumping, testicle pumping is a natural and easy progression.

For comfort, you will need a much wider cylinder or a special-purpose one, such as a 2-stage cylinder. There are various types of cylinders on the market, such as STJ’s (Sun Tea Jars) and larger MonsterTubes. I highly recommend the LongJohnny cylinder as it affords the user an easy to use mechanism with a high level of comfort. Different cylinders will provide different results.

If you pump in a typical combination cylinder, like the STJ or most 2-stage cylinders, you get both scrotal and testicular inflation, but the stretch is unilateral: the lengthwise and side-to-side tensions are the same. While you will certainly get a large sac, these types of cylinders do nothing to stretch the suspending tissues since there is no extending tension or pull on the suspensory tissues.

With cylinders designed primarily for scrotal length, the stretch is unilateral at first. But the scrotum will soon meet the cylinder walls and any additional extension is developed lengthwise. Great care should be taken here to make sure you get a cylinder at the right size for you.

One size does not fit all, and you need the right size if you want it to work.

You want it to actually draw the testicles (not just the scrotum) down along with the scrotal sac, and not every cylinder is designed for that purpose. That’s why I personally recommend the LongJohnny from PumpToys. It is extremely comfortable and provides both the unilateral and lengthwise stretch that gives the scrotum the large, long and heavy look and feel that helps enhance the overall genitalia.


This article provided an overview of some of the reasons for testicle pumping, the dynamics involved in getting proper expansion, and some equipment used in achieving maximum growth. The benefits are great, and when done responsibly, testicle pumping can be a very rewarding experience. In the next article, we will focus on some actual techniques used in testicle pumping, developing a good testicle pumping routine and explore the dynamics of how testicle pumping can actually enhance penis girth.

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