Other Penis Hanging Equipment Considerations

Other Penis Hanging Equipment Considerations

This portion of the Penis Hanging Guide covers other basic penis hanging considerations for equipment and maintenance ideas for optimal results with Penis Hanging, for penis enlargement.

Other Penis Hanging Equipment Considerations


All men that begin penis hanging experience severe skin stretch, especially during the first few weeks. In order to reduce pain and prevent your skin from cracking, you will need some kind of moisturizer. Most penis hanger prefer Cocoa Butter Lotion and Vitamin E Lotion.

I prefer cocoa butter that comes in a small 3” diameter tub, since this seems to be several times more effective than the thinner type of cocoa butter that comes in tub. Avoid getting the lotion on the outside of your wrap or the hanger, since this could cause slippage.


Your penis hanging equipment would be incomplete without some weights. Retail stores like Wal-Mart have cheap weight plates. I recommend at least 2.5lb, 5lb, & 10lb plates. You will also need 2x 1lb and 1x .5lb fishing penis weights. I explain how to construct these below.


I keep my weight plates and all penis hanging gear stored inside my Penis Enlargement (PE) toolbox. My PE toolbox is a cheap plastic Black and Decker toolbox from Wal-Mart. It’s fairly inconspicuous since almost all guys have toolboxes, and many guys lock their tools as well. This can be very important amongst all penis hanging considerations because it serves several purposes.

First of all, a penis hanging toolbox helps keep all of your equipment concealed from public view. This allows you to maintain inconspicuousness with your penis hanging or other penis enlargement devices. This is especially a good thing if you have roommates or children that might be curious!

Second, a penis enlargement toolbox gives you the ability to keep all your gear together. Of all the penis hanging considerations, having a toolbox is important for this main reason. Not only are penis enlargement equipment and devices expensive, but if misplaced then found by someone else, can provide for an interesting, and most likely embarrassing conversation and or confrontation!

Finally, a toolbox is durable. This is much batter than an old sock or a plastic bag in that it will keep your penis enlargement equipment from accidentally being broken. Again, above all major penis hanging considerations, one should take into account the steep price of penis enlargement devices.


I created my 1x .5lb, and 2x 1lb fishing penis weights with the following ingredients:

  • A wire hanger (to provide a loop)
  • Fishing weights (I used cheap lead ones from Wal-Mart)
  • Duct tape (so the lead fishing weights never make skin contact)

First bend the wire hanger in a loop, and then cut it down to size with a wire-cutter (or bend it until it breaks in the right spot). Feed the fishing weights onto the loop, and then bend the loop into the circle.

Now wrap the duct-tape around the lead fishing weights (so they can’t contact your skin). Leave a space open at the top with an oval half-loop. Now you can easily add or remove your fishing weights from your penis hanger with a figure 8 type S-hook.


Other penis hanging considerations include the 4” PVC half-pipe. This optional piece of hanging equipment provides a slick rounded surface so the weights will not catch on the edge of your chair. This also helps keep the hanger skids flat and prevents twisting. Without a PVC half-pipe, the hanger might twist or get caught on things, interfering with your penis exercising progress.


Purchase a 4” diameter black PVC pipe from any hardware store. Then cut it in half and attach it to the front of your chair with rope. Wrap the ends of the half-pipe with duct-tape to prevent the otherwise sharp edges from scratching or cutting you or anyone else who might happen to bump into your chair.


Trimming Your Pubic Hair

Some final penis hanging considerations in preparation for penis hanging you should consider is to give yourself a pubic hair trim. If your hair gets caught in the hanger you might mistake it for fatigue or another kind of pain which is counterproductive.

Simply having pubic hair that is too long can interfere with your hanging. I recommend shaving your pubic hair to a short length, if possible with a high quality electric body shaver. If this is not available you can use a razor.

However, be careful, an ingrown hair can interfere with hanging. Usually a good scrub with a brush or loofah will knock hairs loose and prevent them from getting ingrown as they grow back. Now that you have all your penis hanging equipment assembled, it’s time to attach your hanging device.


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