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pills and tape measure - Penis Enlargement Pills Survey

Do penis enlargement pills help enhance gains? We were curious to find out, so we asked about it in our penis survey.

Before you read any further, realize that we are not suggesting you buy penis enlargement pills. Most of the key ingredients used in penis enlargement pills can be found at your local drug store for a much cheaper price.

Question 14 of our penis survey asked: “Did you use any penis enlargement pills during the time you exercised your penis?”

The gains for each group:

  • No – 3.73 cubic inches
  • Yes, for less than a month – 6.15 cubic inches
  • Yes, for a month or more – 4.92 cubic inches

On average, the men who used penis enlargement pills gained 1 – 2 more cubic inches than the men that did not.

A Deeper Perspective:

To get a clear “yes” vs. “no,” we combined both yes groups, which had a total of 88 votes. The average gains for the combined yes group was 5.33 cubic inches; 1.6 cubic inches larger than the “no” group.

In other words, on average, the men who used penis enlargement pills combined with exercises gained 43 percent more cubic inches than the men that did not.

The results could be due to other variables:

As with any empirical research, there is always the possibility of other variables affecting the results. Here is a list of suggestive variables that might have affected the data.

1. The small size of the “yes” groups. See Figure 2 – Number of votes. The two “yes” groups combined are only 1/5th the size of the “no” group. This enormous difference could have caused the enormous difference between the two groups. For example, if both groups had ten big gainers, then the smaller group would benefit the most by having a higher percentage of big gainers.

2. Motivation. The “Yes – for less than a month” group started with very low stats — (Approximately 2 full cubic inches less than the other two groups). With an overall small average, there is a chance this small group of 29 people could have been extremely motivated to gain. This motivation could have enticed these men to stick to a more consistent penile exercising routine than the other men.

Continue: This is the tenth installment of the Penis Enlargement Survey.

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