The Best Penis Enlargement Techniques

the truth about penis enlargement

Anyone who has searched online for the best penis enlargement techniques knows there are hundreds of companies and websites claiming they have the best solution. You can talk to ten different PE’ers and chances are they each have their own personal preferences and suggestions for what they think is the best penis enlargement techniques.

What are the techniques for the best penis enlargement?

The fact is there simply is no one technique to yield the best penis enlargement results for everybody. This applies to devices especially. Some companies claim you can achieve outrageous results, if you buy their product alone.

Let’s cover some of common penis enlargement practices and devices used, so it may help you determine which route best suits your needs for penis enlargement. With ALL techniques the key is persistence and dedication to give you the best penis enlargement potential.

Manual Techniques for the Best Penis Enlargement Results

Manual techniques These are by far the least expensive techniques and have had extensive personal research performed by thousands of men. has pre-made routines for free, to guide the newbie from the beginning stage all the way to the advanced routines, for the best penis enlargement results. The veteran PE’ers have perfected a lot of exercises and variations that cover all aspects of enhancement covering length, girth, and stamina. Some even address erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation issues, as well as dry orgasm’s (DO) and much more.

Stamina work alone incorporates exercises like edging, kegels, ballooning, towel raises, and more. Many of our members have successfully used them for penile enhancement and would say manual techniques are the best for penis enlargement.

Extenders for the Best Penis Enlargement Results

Extenders have yielded best penis enlargement results for many men and can be used in conjunction with manual PE, to compliment a routine. There are dozens of manufacturers of extender devices. However, not all extenders are created equal. Definitely do your research before making your purchase.

Pumping for the Best Penis Enlargement Results

Pumping for penis enlargement has been around for quite some time. Some doctors prescribe penis pumps to help men with erectile dysfunction issues. Like all devices, there are varying opinions on whether pumping alone can yield the best penis enlargement results. Many have found that using a pump in conjunction with a manual routine can be very beneficial. Once again there are dozens of manufacturers for these, and some are better than others. Do your research before you make your purchase.

Many debate whether penis enlargement pills really work better than natural supplements.

Enlargement Pills for the Best Penis Enlargement Results

Many believe pills specifically marketed for penis enlargement are over-rated. Most of the ingredients found in these pills can be purchased as supplements at your local health food store, for a significantly reduced price. These supplements can be a complimentary addition to your PE routine, to achieve the best penis enlargement results though, as many supplements do have a positive effect on mens sexual health.

Hanging for the Best Penis Enlargement Results

Hanging is an advanced form of stretching. Many believe it is a key part to achieving the best penis enlargement results.  Hanging can be dangerous, if you are not conditioned or well educated in the process. It’s advisable to work your way up to this technique.

Clamping for the Best Penis Enlargement Results

Clamping is another advanced technique that some have found to help them reach their best penis enlargement results. However, like hanging, you shouldn’t try clamping without conditioning and lots of research. Some think clamping should only be done after exhausting other techniques first.


The bottom line with any of these PE techniques is that you have to be willing to put in the time to achieve the best penis enlargement results. There is no such thing as fast penis enlargement. You should be prepared for the long haul. PE does work, if you are willing to be dedicated. The benefits are truly life changing for many men.

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  1. How can hanging, clamping, pumping, extending, and manual techniques each provide the best results. Not enough detail is provided about what makes one technique best for a particular guy, compared to what may make another technique best for a different guy.

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