Physiological Indicators Are Your Best Friend

Penis Enhancement Psychological Indicators

As with society, communication is the key to the relationship between you and a healthy penis. When you start Penile Enhancement, you will come to find that your penis has a unique language and that he speaks to you as your best friend. If you listen to your penis as he is your best friend and learn how to speak his language, it greatly serves to benefit both of you immediately and later on even more so. Although, If you neglect to listen to him, then you can end up overtraining or injuring yourself by not paying close attention to your Physiological Indicators.

Penis Enhancement Psychological Indicators

What Are Physiological Indicators (PIs)

Simply put, Physiological indicators (PIs) are are the physical things that you notice as differences in our penis as you embark on a penis exercises routine. Such traits are necessary to know in order to judge and alter your penis exercise regimen to ensure your best gaining potential. PIs are your best friend’s way of communicating with you and can be interpreted in three ways: Positive(happy), Neutral(willing), and Negative(sad).

Happy- Positive PIs
When your friend is up early (morning wood), excited to get going, standing taller and stronger, and ready for a sexual encounter, he is telling you that you’re treating him right, and to continue with your current activities together.

Willing- Neutral PIs
When your friend is still getting up early, but only standing taller after your workout, a little flushed, but not complaining, with a couple of red spots, then he is still looking for action, and more than willing to continue. He’s telling you that he can possibly do a little more penis-exercise.

Sad- Negative PIs
Soreness, pain, abundant red spots, bad erection quality (EQ), loss of penis size, and decreased morning erections are your best friend’s way of telling you that you’re overtraining. Some good recommendations for this would be to cut back on the intensity of the of penis enlargement exercises by using a lighter grip when of jelqing, to apply less force when of penis stretching, to shorten the number of reps you are using, to take more time to warm-up or warm-down, and to take some extra time off.

Care and Respect

Your penis is your best friend and one of your most valuable assets, so treat him as if he were the MVP of the world (Most Valuable Penis). Don’t abuse him by doing things that are negative to his growth, for example, an over zealous grip while jelqing, a too aggressive pull while penis stretching, or too many reps too soon.

You will want to listen to his feedback while you’re exercising him and even when you’re done exercising him, he will be constantly talking to you. He will tell you when he is tired, sore, injured, or just not ready to do certain tasks. We all want to have our ideal penis, but don’t put your wants before his needs. Monitor his EQ, pay attention to what he says, and back off if he says so!

Maintaining Good PIs- Rewarding Your Best Friend

You scratch your penis’ back, and he will scratch yours, quid pro quo. If you take the proper steps in exercising your penis and keep him happy, then he will perform above and beyond the call of duty for you! Get him laid from time to time, and if you’re going to edge for 30-45 minutes, reward him for his hard work. Ejaculate!

Help stimulate growth and get that fresh and beautiful life giving blood into your penis by giving him a proper warm up/down before and after you work out. Feed your body the proper healthy foods and supplements for penis that he needs to perform the tasks you will be putting him through. Help your circulation by cutting down on negative factors like caffeine and smoking. It will reward you with a bigger penis in the end.

Don’t Expect Change Overnight

Your penis is not going to turn into a monster overnight! In fact for a majority of men, it takes lots of time for it to grow. Yes you will have “newbie gains,” but after that it takes an abundance of time and persistence to keep stimulating growth. Just remember to stay patient and remain a guiding light to your penis and he will come around and eventually turn into what you want him to be

Remember, it will take time; but with patience comes consistency. Penile Enhancement is a long term commitment, and the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. There are guys who have coached their penises into the well endowed realm. But they did it by building a slow and steady approach, with their best friend.


  1. I was rofl while reading this . It’s so true .He’s my best friend and I always treat him with respect and admiration .
    I think we put him down and not give his due a lot of the time .
    But PE has given us reasons to put him in a new light and to
    appreciate what he does for us and our partners .

    It’s funny how we , me , personalize him . I call mine , “pecker” .
    But he really has a mind of his own ,as evidenced by this article .

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