Premature Ejaculation: What is It? Why Does it Happen? How Can I Fix It?

Premature ejaculation is more common than most think. In fact, every man has ejaculated earlier than expected at least once in his life. So if this has happened to you a few times, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you’re frequently finishing even before the main act begins or soon after penetration, that’s premature ejaculation. You’re not alone. 

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Read on to learn more about pre-E. What are the causes? What you can do to stop it and control when you orgasm.

Written by Kimberly Wylie


What is Premature Ejaculation?

PE is the inability to control your orgasm with minimal sexual stimulation, either before intercourse begins or shortly thereafter. This isn’t just not lasting as long as you wanted to, but orgasming before or with very little stimulation. There’s a difference between having superior sexual stamina and true premature ejaculation. We explore more about exactly what premature ejaculation is, in the next section.

Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic

Your body has three divisions of autonomous nervous systems. These include:

  • The sympathetic nervous system – This is the hormonal response to stress. Your sympathetic nervous system takes control in fight or flight type situations.
  • The parasympathetic nervous system – This is the nervous system that controls autonomous bodily functions. This includes your heart beat, your food digestion, breathing and other functions your body does without you even thinking about it.
  • The enteric nervous system – This is the nervous system responsible for coordinating your reflexes.

It’s the moving from the parasympathetic (automatic bodily functions) to sympathetic (stress) mode that often leads to the inability to control your ejaculation.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be caused by psychological factors (such as anxiety), physiological factors (including abnormal hormone levels), or a combination of both. In fact, the psychological factors are usually at least part of the problem. It becomes a snowball effect.

  • You ejaculate too quickly during one sexual encounter.
  • The next time, you worry you’re going to ejaculate too quickly.
  • This worry causes stress and anxiety.
  • This stress and anxiety makes you unable to control your orgasm.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Keep reading, to learn more about these causes, to help you pinpoint where your issues may lie, so you can choose the best method to overcome your inability to control your orgasm.

How to Cure Premature Ejaculation

There are things you can do to cure your inability to control your orgasm, from pelvic floor strengthening to climax control products to behavioral therapy. We’ll explore these methods in depth, in the following sections of this article.

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In addition to manual exercises designed to help you overcome premature ejaculation, sex toys are a great way to practice sex. Some of the top male sex toys are extremely lifelike. More realistic sensations mean being better prepared when you’re actually with a partner. Keep reading, to learn more about the the causes of premature ejaculation and how you can overcome this sexual challenge.



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10 thoughts on “Premature Ejaculation: What is It? Why Does it Happen? How Can I Fix It?

  1. I always came very fast with a new girl. Often was not fun for her.
    However, after the first time or two, I could often last 30-40 minutes or till I started getting tired.
    Sometimes it is just the anticipation that makes you cum. Wonder of anti-anxiety pill would have helped?

    Married now and not a problem. Just passing along my own experience.

    • CCD – You’re correct. Sometimes the anticipation — and nerves — with a new partner can lead to ejaculating quicker than you had hoped. Developing confidence and comfort with a partner helps prevent the sympathetic nervous system (anxiety/stress driven) from taking over.

  2. Great information regarding premature ejaculation!. It may be hard to decide what
    routines to start and which products to use to prevent if we have not
    a proper knowledge about it.Thanks for the wonderful article, it may
    be very helpful for everyone who is conscious about.

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    Thank me later

  4. Thank you for posting this article. After over two years of serious PE I have received many benefits: over an inch in both length and girth and free from premature ejaculation! I will continue to make even more progress. Don

  5. Good general article. However, I wish you had not included Antidepressants as “medications” for treating premature ejaculation. It was an antidepressant that actually CAUSED my sexual dysfunction, including severe premature ejaculation. I haven’t taken it for four years and I still have the issue.

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