Stretching the Inner You

stretching the inner you penis enlargement stretch

This article dares to innovate a new, yet simple, penis enlargement stretch that is best done when you wake up with morning wood and you’re ready to get a quick PE session in before you start your day! This is a fun article and a great simple addition to your regular PE routine.

stretching the inner you penis enlargement stretch


Are you wanting to begin early morning Penis Enlargement process, and still wanting to enjoy a little more time, under the covers?

I came up with this process to fill that need.

I call it the “Between The Thighs Stretch”, but a more unique name, “Morning Wood Stretch” might be appropriate too!


Effective for stretching the inner penis, that portion that exists inside the body cavity.

Mostly Hands free, minimal body movement, and works well with most any position that one may occupy in ones bed. Controllable by simple body/muscle flexing with minimal disturbance to any one else in the bed while penile lengthening.

It is based on already published videos/penis exercises, (Internal Stretch, Between the Cheeks, Leg Tuck Pull) routines. It is the use of this derivative in the early morning hours, or during an afternoon Siesta, that I find valuable.


  • Laying on your back, raise knees towards your head.
  • Pull/stretch your penis down through your thighs, you will decide how much pull to use as you develop whats workable for you.
  • Close your legs together so that your penis is held in position by your thighs.
  • Begin to lower & straighten your legs, slowly, noticing the “stretch” applied to your penis shaft.
  • You can now rotate your body to your preferred sleeping position while penis stretching. This process works with the body on its side, or laying on the stomach.
  • A small amount of experimentation with muscle contraction/relaxation, (legs, abdomen, buttocks), can be incorporated to enhance the penis stretching force now in place.
  • You will have instant feed back as to what feels better, relaxation of the penis tissues, and what seems to “work” best for you.


I have found this a most pleasurable way to start my day. What I enjoy is the minimal use of hands, and minimal body movement (once initiated), starting some Penis Enlargement, and enjoy a little more time in between the sheets.

Works well also when watching TV and playing Sofa Slug!

Author Bio- Dangler

Dangler discovered the penis extender technology, and realized a path to self development through it’s use. He struggled with creating “extender wearing criteria” which would yield results, and the sharing of his efforts. His goal is to be able to carry a dozen donuts “no hands” at the next PEGym office party!

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  1. When I lay down to go to sleep, I tuck into Fowfer position and try to maintain it all night long.

    Also if I wake up with any amount of morning wood I’ll tuck it under a leg (while still lying in bed) and do some tight leg squeezes while kegeling at the same time. After about 10 minutes, I’ll switch to the other leg and do another 10 minute set.

    This leg-tuck-version of Fowfers gets me quite engorged and hard; I think even better than a Uli. I can hold the leg squeeze indefinitely whereas my hands give out within seconds.


  2. Just curious as to how this differs from fowfers? Is it because we would be in an erect, or semi-erect state?

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