Ballooning is an effective (and often fun) exercise to do at the end of your penile exercising workout. It can also be done during off days as a type of maintenance work. Similar to edging, ballooning helps improve the penis in the main three ways: enlarging the penis, building stamina, and improving hardness.

Ballooning or Edging?

Similar to edging, ballooning involves masturbating and stopping right before you ejaculate. However, it doesn’t involve stroking the penis up and down, and the technique can take some time to master.

Ballooning is considered more advanced than edging, and some believe it is better. It gets you even more erect and your penis stays at its max for a longer period of time. Also unlike edging, you can not ejaculate at the the end of your ballooning session, which often gives you a thicker and longer flaccid “hang” the next day. You’re also as horny as a pre-adolescent teenager.

Ballooning for Premature Ejaculation

Similar to edging, ballooning helps with premature ejaculation by training your brain to learn how to become comfortable with feeling sexual pleasure without a release.

Ballooning for Premature Ejaculation

Ballooning helps cure erectile dysfunction by reinforcing a healthier and harder penis overtime.

When you are maintaining an erection, you are exercising and expanding the tissues inside the penis (namely the penis muscle, tunica, and skeletal muscle at the base). Overtime, this causes your penis growth in both size and in health.

Ballooning for Penis Enlargement

Ballooning mainly helps with penis enlargement indirectly, by helping supplement the gains you’ve made while also pushing your tissues to the max when you are at your most erect size.

That said, many men have reported on our penis forum that by consistently ballooning several times a week, they have added up to an inch to their penis length and girth.

Step-by-Step Ballooning

1: Find and rub your “magic spot”, which is a sensitive area on your penis that gives you pleasure.

Where to rub when ballooning: You can rub the sides of the shaft, the top of your penis, and the top of your penis head.

Where NOT to rub when ballooning: Avoid rubbing the underside of the glans and frenulum in the beginning, as it may push you over the edge and cause you to ejaculate. Overtime, though, you’ll learn to control your ejaculations and rubbing this area will often give you an even bigger erection, and a better workout. It also often gives men strataspheric “dry orgasms.”

2. Continue to gently rub the “magic spot” in a circular motion, over and over. This should get you extremely erect.

3: While rubbing the magic spot, simultaneously do kegels to push more blood into the penis. This will expand your penis even more closer to its max size, giving your tissues a greater workout.

You can also do reverse kegels, also known as anal breathing, in which you gently push the anus out, as if you’re going to pass gas. A clue of when you’re doing reverse kegels is the lower abdomen pooches out simular to a pot belly.

4: Continue your ballooning for at least twenty minutes or more. Some men can balloon for hours, and it often takes longer to get to the point of no return because there is little stroking involve.

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With over five years of experience, Kingpole is a veteran penile exerciser and Moderator on the PE Gym Penis Forum. He experts in all things related to penis health, diet and fitness.

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  1. does it make send to hold the base in an OK grip while rubbing the magic spot and kegeling? i find the grip helps hold the pumped blood in and makes the erection alot harder – or as a beginner should one not do that?

  2. After rubbing the head past the 14min mark I started feeling a sharp pain developing the more I rubbed it; up to 23mins before stopping. Is that part of the process?

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  5. I do this while clamping. It noticeably increases size while in the process of masturbation. I just did this an hour ago and my flaccid is noticeably harder.

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