Side Jelq

If you’re looking for an effect and natural penis enlargement method — you need to jelq! Jelqing began over a millenia ago, in the Middle East. Even back then, men wanted a larger penis. Following, you’ll find instructions on one of the many jelqing variations — the side jelq.

Please note: The safety precautions for the side jelq are the same as for all jelqing exercises. Warm up your penis before you begin to jelq. Only perform the side jelq with a semi-erect penis – NEVER fully erect. Always listen to what your body cues are telling you. Begin slowly, and, with consistent efforts, you’re sure to see results.

Side Jelq/Jelqing Video Instructions

Step-by-Step Written Instructions for the Side Jelq

Step-by-step jelqing instructions and videos of the Side Jelq.

Erection level: 75 to 85 percent.
Recommended Reps: 20

Side Jelq: The Exercise

1. Start a normal Jelq. At the halfway point of jelqing, place your other hand at the base of your penis. This will help build support.

2. Simultaneously, curve the Jelq to the side.

3. Once you reach the glans, press the palm of your hand against your penis to finish the bending motion of side jelqing.

4. The entire Jelq should last three to five seconds. Repeat with other hand.


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  2. Khatf Tunechi: For mild curves, jelqung exclusively with the hand OPPOSITE the curve should help. If that doesn’t resolve the issue then curvature specific exercises should be considered.

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