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Getting Started 101: How to Post & Much More!

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  • Getting Started 101: How to Post & Much More!

    Welcome to The Penis Enlargement Gym!

    It’s good to have you here. Our forums are gaining popularity, and more-and-more men are posting here about pretty much every male health-related subject under the sun. All the information on these forums can get overwhelming, so here are some guidelines to help you on your way.

    You don't have to be
    a member to read, but if you want to participate, get one-on-one advice, receive our monthly newsletter, and get other benefits, register here for free.

    After you're registered, you can post. The best places to start are either posting in our Introduction Thread or creating your own thread in the Progress Forum.

    Posting 101:

    To start a new thread, you just click the button that says "Post New Thread" -- it's towards the top, on the left side of your screen.

    To participate in a conversation that already has a thread, just go all the way to the bottom and click "Post Reply:” (1)

    Or if you scroll down just a bit more, you can type directly into the "Quick Reply" box at the bottom of the thread. (2)

    If you'd like to respond to one particular post out of many in the thread, you should quote it. Just click the "Reply With Quote" button at the bottom of the post you're responding to. (3)

    If you want to quote multiple posts and have them copied to your reply in individual bubbles, click the multi-quote icon in the bottom right hand corner of each post you wish to quote. When you have selected all the posts you want, click “Reply With Quote” on any of those messages. They will all be brought into one reply message, each one separated into their own quotes. (4)

    posting info.jpg

    YOUR USER CP or User Control Panel

    Your rep comments and points. After a while, you might start getting these. On every post, you should see several little icons on the bottom left under the username. One is the reputation point scale (it looks like a sheriff star). Anyone can click it, leave a comment, and boost someone's reputation.

    Don't abuse the rep point system! The admins here can see if you try to "trade" rep points. This isn't allowed. The whole point of rep points is giving credit where it is due -- which is encouraged. For example, if someone helped you, it's common courtesy to say "thank you" by leaving a rep point. You can also use it to say LOL or leave other commentary. But don't try to trade rep points.

    Edit Signature: Your signature appears on every post you make. Pictures are not allowed in your signature. If you are representing an approved website or product and you want to link it in your signature, keep it to one line (PM an Admin to become approved).

    Edit Email & Password:
    It’s a good idea to keep your email updated just incase you forget your password. Other good reasons to keep your e-mail current is that if you want to subscribe to a thread (to get notification of replies), get an e-mail when you have new Private Messages on the board, or receive The PE Gym Newsletter.

    Edit Profile: Here's where you can put in a bio, link, photo, and answer various questions.

    Edit Options:
    Here, you can decide to be invisible to other members, turn off images if needed and the pages load too slowly, choose whether or not to let people e-mail you, whether or not you want to get e-mail notification if someone sends you a private message, etc.

    Edit Avatar: We currently allow our members to upload their own avatar of their choosing. We hope to keep it this way so long the avatars don't get abused. There are only two rules with avatars: No full nude porn and no advertising in the avatar. Avatars must be no larger than 80 by 80 pixels. (There's a good tutorial here;

    Edit Profile Picture: You can upload a profile picture that only members will see here. People will see it when they click your username and go to your profile.

    Send Private Messages: You can PM members privately. However, if you're PMing someone to ask them a question (particularly me or another mod) that the answer can help other people too, please create a thread instead. If you have a question, others probably do too. Once you have the thread created, then you can PM the mod and tell them about the thread. The reason for this is that it will help add to the collective knowledge of the forums.

    Subscribed Threads: You choose to "subscribe" to threads, which means you'll be notified whenever someone responds to those particular threads. You have a few options of how to be notified-- immediately by e-mail, once a day by e-mail, or just in a separate spot here on the site. You can "unsubscribe" from threads in that spot on your User CP, too.

    Friend / Ignore Lists: The Ignore list is useful for when you've encountered someone you just don't ever want to hear from again. There's no need to announce it, just quietly stick that person on "Ignore" and you won't ever have to trip over his or her posts again.

    If you've been able to upload attachments (pictures or documents), you can take them down later.

    This post was written by me and partially borrowed from various places across the net, including
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    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

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    Kudos, remek. Clear, concise and should help visitors easily become members of this fine site. JP

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      Very nice! And much needed!!
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        newbie question

        watsup guy im a newbie here,i started out 10 warm,20 stretch,25 jelq,10 warm down ya think is a little too much for a newbie?,by the way i dont feel pain or any negitive PI ya think i should continue on with this routine or something else,this is my 3 weeks of doing PE.thanx alots


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          New thread?

          I cant find the new thread option? Is it available?


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            I want to be notified via email when someone posts on a thread that I have posted on. I didnt find that option in the use CP. Help. Thanks.
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              Originally posted by baybabe View Post
              I want to be notified via email when someone posts on a thread that I have posted on. I didnt find that option in the use CP. Help. Thanks.
              Look at the top of the thread window and you'll see a blue bar ..................... *****

              LinkBack (1) Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes

              Click on thread tools and select subscribe to thread..........a new window will come up and give you the option to be notified by email.............

              Then select add subscription..............
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                Ok thank you. Bummer that it has to be done by each individual thread rather than automatically.
                A hard man is good to find.


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                  Baybabe. Go to User CP. Click on edit options. Scroll down and click on Instant email notifications. Select this and all the threads you have posted to will be sent to your email box when someone posts to that thread. Let me know.

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                    Guides Videos - Off-line

                    I'm a newbie only registered today. After reading articles posted by various memebers I got a little confused thought a refresher would be best. Unfortunately non of the videos appear on the website.


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                      try PEGymForYou on youtube


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                        i cant find the new thread button


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                          Originally posted by AmbitiousOne View Post
                          i cant find the new thread button

                          When you open a forum, its right under the forum name.


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                              Hi Everyone!

                              Hey everyone! I'm new to pe gym, signed up a couple weeks ago. Lets say i've been peing for a couple months, but i could only say ,i've been (more seriously)truly if want, doing it for the last 3 weeks. I bought an X4labsextender about amonth ago but just couldn't find all the time to wear it (due to working away from home for periods of weeks). i had a bit of trouble with the memory foams.. they kept on ripping =S but i found a way 2 work my self threw with it!I hope anyway! I have 2 say it isn't the most confortable thing 2 wear ,even if for only 2 hours Max ..I was wondering when i do the swell head, after a while being put on discoloration occurs .should i be alarmed? Is this dangerous for my penis?An also i am trying out different routines seeing what give me the best results i would usually lets say warm up-stretch for 5 to 10 min-jelqu for about 15 to twenty mins-than warm down 5mins-Then the extender for 1h or 2.Anyway I also decided to buy my self a bathmate! I'm really satisfied up 2 now . My question is now with the bathmate when should i use the bathmate? I mean before Jelquing after jelquing? at the end of the day/beggining? Im looking forward to any responses and looking forward 2 success! Everyones success! Cheers!

                              Starting stats Arrival of the bathmate Goal for 2011 jan 1
                              august 25th 2010 Oct. 15 2010 BPFL=6in FG=5in
                              BPFL=5.25inch FG=4.25inch BPFL=5.5in FG=4.5in BPEL=7.5in EG=5.5in
                              BPEL=6.75inch EG=5in BPEL=6.875in EG=5.0625