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Tell me how you guys noticed you were growing the first time

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    Originally posted by incogneeetoe View Post
    We spend our lives looking down at our own erections, it skews our perspective.
    Haha! Methinks this might be an excellent tagline for this forum.


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      So I just measured, i'm officially 6 inches BPEL after 4 weeks. My dick seriously looks wider, fatter. I'm sure there's girth gain, but when I measured I'm still 4inches.
      Flaccid dick feels heavier in the hand too.


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        Originally I measured 6.8" BPEL, and I remember checking a few times, as I wanted to see if I could make it to 7", but I would have had to completely cheat to do so. Did PE for around a month, and when measuring again I hit or just broke 7" on the first try. Measured a few times to make sure I wasn't doing it wrong, but it was the same every time. That was the point I knew PE works.

        As for flaccid, it was mainly when it started getting in the way more often, as well as not sticking to my balls as much if I was sweaty (as it was hanging significantly below them).
        Original/Current Stats:
        2014-09-01: BPEL 6.8"/NBPEL 6" MEG 5.0", BPFL 5"/NBPFL 4" FG 4.4"
        2019-03-16: BPEL 8"/NBPEL 6.75" MEG 5.2", BPFL 6.75"/NBPFL 5.5" FG 4.5"

        Realistic: BPEL 8.5"/NBPEL 7.5" MEG 5.5"
        Optimistic: BPEL 9"/NBPEL 8" MEG 5.75"
        Dream: BPEL 10"/NBPEL 9" MEG 6.5"


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          For me I noticed the flaccid hang was visibly longer (before I was a BIG time Grower Probably 3"x3" soft). Then I realized I hit 7" on a ruler and I could NEVER get there soft stretched or hard. One time after drinking too much wine I tried and the ruler I was using broke the skin and I drew a bit of blood I was trying so hard. Still under 7."

          Now I can stretch flaccid to almost 8.5" and hard to almost 8" - plus it's now veiny and hangs 5.5" long and 5" thick when flaccid.

          LONG LIVE PE!!
          The Ace - going for 8.66 x 5.78 - Original Girth goal reached!!
          (Original Goal as of 2016 - based on early stat growth)

          Current: 8 BPEL x 5.98 EG
          NEW GOAL - 8.75 x 6.25!!


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            When you think you have some gains visually get ruler and take your measurements.
            I suggest you to take measurements one monthly.
            31.03.2018 Current BPEL: 6.60'' / 16.9 cm; EG: 5.9'' / 15 cm; FL: 4.7'' / 12 cm; FG: 5.1'' / 13 cm


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              Thanks guys for all these awesome stories. Really encouraging stuff.
              Glad that some of you noticed flaccid growth first.
              You're right bobikar, I should measure at least monthly