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Is 1/16thĒ an appropriate gain after 2 months ?

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  • Is 1/16thĒ an appropriate gain after 2 months ?

    I did the JP90 for about 2 months, then life bed to Big Alís Jelq free for a couple months. Working up to 600 S2S and 20 Squeezes, and adding 60-100 Reg and v jelqs and topping it off with 20 min edging.
    In the 1st 3 months I gained about .5Ē BPEL but it has stalled.

    Iíve now been hanging since I read about Tunic theory and figure that is my limiting factor. Using a sock hanger an working up from 2lbs to 4 lbs today at 10-20 min set, x2 I have really only seen a 1/16Ē increase In BPSFL. I have been hanging 3-4x a week for 4 weeks now and was wondering if this is now the new Normal with newbie gains done

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    If its stalled, then you have to switch up your routine and find something else that works for you since your slowly coming to a halt.
    Newbie gains are usually the fastest and after this period from what I have read after spending countless hours other gains can be really slow.

    Can a PE Guru perhaps assist in routines / opinions?
    2018 Goal: 16CM EL, 13CM Shaft EG, 14.5CM Mid EG, 15CM Base EG


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      I have been changing it around about every two months but just wanted to see if these small games are actually what to expect and that the program is working or do I need to change it again because itís not working yet


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        A 1/16th is great. There are months that can go by and it seems like nothing, then bam another 1/16th.

        Dont get obsessed with measurements. If you enjoy the stretching and PE, keep doing it. If not try something else or take a break. The main thing to me is the enjoyment of the feeling. The gains are a nice extra.


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          Donít get me wrong Iím happy with any kind of games that I get I was just wondering if that was enough gain in enough time to stay with the routine or if the routine should be changed again.
          Iím very happy going from about 3 1/2 inch flaccid to close to five most of the time , that feels great but I do want more when it counts with my wife PIV


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            I don't know if I'm getting newbie gains still or what. I was never consistent with stretching in the past. It has been 3.5 months of being consistent and I've gained .25". I'd probably be dejected if I only had gained 1/16" in that time.