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    Hey Guys,

    So ive been doing the JP90 and I'm really enjoying it.

    So I typically do it in the shower because the whole room is hot and i feel my LIGs are warmed up. I use Vaseline on the side of my shower and i Jelq/v Jelq.

    So my questions:

    1) after warm down, do i just pack up and put my pants back on. Like does it need air. Like I know this is a stupid question but the minute I put it back, it kinda goes back to size.

    2) can i jerk off after the routine? Would it be alot of strain in a short amount of time?

    3) for V jelq, am i squeezing the sides or am i putting more strain underneath where the penis is?


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    1) Letting it have air for a while isn't going to make a difference. However there are a couple of other factors to consider. If your pants and underwear are bunching it up when you put them on then it may help some to let it hang in the open a while if you can. If it is able to hang freely with them on then possibly they may have an insulating value to help keep your penis warm a little while longer. There may not be any truth to these theories, they are just my own thoughts.

    2) It's recommended to wait at least a couple of hours after exercising before you masturbate.

    3) It's the sides of the penis that you should be working with the V-jelqs.
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      Thank you very much Cavalier!


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        One thing you could do is wrap your penis in a tensor bandage in a stretched state, as it helps it maintain healing in a length state, as opposed to just putting your underwear on.
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          I forgot to mention that I'm a grower. So it goes down a lot like 4-5 min out of exercise. Should I wait it out for underwear time ?