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Gf made me feel insecure, where to start

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  • Gf made me feel insecure, where to start


    I've always been confident in myself until I started dating my current gf. She mentioned that she's only dated black guys with big dicks prior to me (white + prob average to below). We have great sex but this has made me feel really insecure.

    I'm 25 and want to increase this but in private. I have tried doing JP90 before but get erect very easily.

    What is the most efficient way to increase length?


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    You must never create a conversation about the ex boyfriends of any girl. This kind of thing shows to the girls that you are immature and insecure. They never like that.
    If a girl is starting the conversation about her ex boyfriends then this shows that the girl is immature.

    Now lets get on the length gains.
    penis enlargement is not something that happens overnight.
    it s exactly like body building...
    If you need to pack 10 kg (20Lbs) of muscles in order to feel and be bigger it will take you about 2 years IF you don t miss a training and if you are eating corectly and IF you are folowing the correct program.
    The same applies to PE.

    If you need a really big difference in your penis in order to compete (in your brain) the ex boyfriends of any girl , then you have to gain at least 1-1,5inch ...
    This kind of gain for some happens in 1 year ... for some it never happens...

    PE is not a "When will I gain 1 inch" thing...
    Its a " I love doing PE everyday and every possible gain is more than welcomed".

    We are altering our DNA here kid... its not an easy task.
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      I'm willing to put in the work to feel more confident. Where should I start?


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        IMO you should start with a JELQing routine...
        You have to master how to keep your erection in the range of 30-70% first because as you said you can t do that now...

        The first months will be dedicated in mastering the technique ... then the gains will come SLOWLY.
        PE is a life commitment . You have to do it for the rest of your life if you want gains and keep them.


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          Start doing 10 minutes of light and slow jelqing 2 days on / 1 day off.
          Every week add 1 minute.
          When you reach the 20 minutes do it 3 days on / 1 day off.
          From then start adding intensity slowly.

          Read it:

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            Welcome to PEGym, swilliams92!

            On behalf of all womankind, I apologize for your girlfriend's insensitivity in discussing the size of her past partners. Seriously - I have ZERO idea why any woman would ever do that. We don't want to hear that you've dated women with better boobs or a nicer butt... why any woman would think it's appropriate to talk about her past partners being larger is just beyond me. Ugh.

            Anyway, on to your question. JP90 is a great place to start, but you mention getting too erect. You likely will have that same issue with just a jelqing routine as well, and as a beginner, you shouldn't jelq fully erect. Maximum erection should be somewhere between a peeled banana and unpeeled banana in firmness.

            Have you thought about using an extender? I'd suggest either our PEXtender (cost efficient and simple to use) or the Phallosan Forte (the Cadillac of extenders). Both are vacuum extenders and are discreet enough to wear under your normal clothing, while you go about your day. You can even sleep with them on.

            If you're having trouble controlling your erection, this might be the best way for you to start discreetly, and get the results you're hoping for.

            As teodeles notes - this isn't a quick fix. Penis enlargement is based on creating new cellular tissue and takes time and consistency. But, you can get there.

            In the meantime, don't hesitate to talk to your GF if she brings up the subject again and let her know that it bothers you when she discusses past partners. Hopefully, she's mature enough to be more sensitive.

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              Is an extender safe to use for a beginner?


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                Most extenders come with a beginner routine to get you properly conditioned and avoid injury. I extended first and then started manual exercises later. I had significant results in 7 months. The extenders that Kim mentioned are pretty discrete but do require extensive wear time to see results.
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                  Can you recommend an extender? The expensive ones look no different to the cheap ones on Ali express!


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                    Don't let your insecurity be the thing that drives you to do PE. Don't let your GF be the thing that drives you to do PE. It needs to be you, because you want to. You're not competing with anyone. You just want to do PE. Don't let negative feelings ruin everything for you, PE and otherwise.

                    As for your erections! I have the same problem. Just stop when you get erect. Wait for it to go away. Then continue. You'll need to do this maaaaany times but the idea is that eventually you'll get used to exercises and not respond to them sexually.
                    I also would like to add, if you don't think you can stick to a big routine then it's ok to start really small. Then you can build up from there to whatever beginner routine you like. Remember, this is for you. Not anyone else! Good luck!
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                      Wait, did she just randomly mention she had sex with a lot of black guys, or did you ask? Either you brought that on yourself, of she could be playing on your emotions to see how you react.


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                        She said that all of her exes were black quite early on in her relationship and mentions that she prefers black guys occasionally


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                          I would call her character into question, but that's just me.

                          Anyways, I would start with JP90 routine and stick with 1/4-1/3 of the jelqing reps until you get used to the workload. I also find that 2on/1off/2on/2off work best for me. We are around the same age, so we should both be able to gain fast. While I only gained a little in my 3 month period, which can be seen in my signature, I'm only working at half reps and not the full routine yet. You should gain more since you are new to this, but in the scenario you don't, you will be conditioned to do more advanced workouts tailored to you.


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                            I have a few times but she just says its part of who she is. She told me at first that all her exes were 'chocolate' and she brings it up when there is conversations in social circles about racism or about me meeting her parents (she says 'oh they will def like you because you're white/not black)'

                            I'll get started!


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                              Originally posted by swilliams92 View Post
                              I have a few times but she just says its part of who she is. She told me at first that all her exes were 'chocolate' and she brings it up when there is conversations in social circles about racism or about me meeting her parents (she says 'oh they will def like you because you're white/not black)'

                              I'll get started!