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Does working out your muscles have bad effect on PE?

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  • Does working out your muscles have bad effect on PE?

    Please answers

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    Working out of any kind should improve cardiovascular health, which should only have positive effects on your PE endeavors.


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      As long as you don't over train and you eat right, it shouldn't.
      In fact, especially cardio will help the blood flow. Thus improve EQ and recovery after PE.
      Weight lifting will trigger hormone production (including testosterone, growth hormone, etc). Thus improving stamina, EQ and recovery.
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        Thats good to know guys because I started working out again


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          I back what savage_inequalities said but I need to add something.

          In every workout session I notice some "shrinkage" or "turtling" during the exercises especially when I do the barbell back squat, not only my dick but my arms and forearms do too. So do not be worried if that happens when you train a large muscle group it is just the pump (the blood rushes to the muscles being used) I always jelqed and now use the bathmate after the workout just to feel good.

          If you go to the bathroom when you notice that just stretch out a feel times and you will see what I talking about. Cheers.
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            Resistance training can have a positive effect on male enhancement training as resistance training helps to raise hormone levels. This can contribute positively to better EQ. That being said, performing a male enhancement workout immediately after a weight training session may prove more difficult than if one were to train fresh. Also, if you're chronically exhausting yourself or are at the tail end of a heavy weight training cycle then you may notice it in your EQ.
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