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    Hello everyone! Iím new here and have been doing some reading on the process and techniques used for PE. Lots of info to learn for sure and there seems to be plenty of success stories too.

    Iíve been involved with foreskin restoration for many years and have seen good success there. Techniques for PE seem to be similar - the difference I see is with foreskin restoration you are encouraging skin growth but with PE itís much more than that. One thing I have not been able to find about the results is information about how permanent the gains you see are. With the foreskin you may see a bit of retraction in progress when you take a break or stop but for the most part, your gains are yours to keep. Is this similar with PE ? If I want to keep gains to I need to maintain some sort of regimen or can I enjoy my gain permanently?

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    Maintenance is required for most of us. Besides where else do you get to play with your best friend and call it exercise?
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