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    Hi everyone,

    Today I did my first session of the JP90.

    Now, few questions came up doing it.

    As far as I have understood, these are the excercises included in it:
    - Helicopter Shakes - quite easy to grasp and hilarious to do
    - Stretch+Kegel - if I have understood correctly, you stretch your dick on the thigh and then you kegel.

    Then, in the original post ( ) it's written:
    "Next, while still holding the stretch, pull straight out and do 10 stretches in a BIG circle to the left and 10 to the right holding the pull.
    Try to rub your hand across your belly as you do these."

    Is this excercise what is described as "Slow Crank" ( ) ?
    I did the "Slow Crank" and it felt pretty good.

    Supposedly, I'm a stretch-man: I have to say that I really like these stretches, way more than the jelqs.

    Then, for jelqs, it's written to do the "Basic Jelq" and the "V Jelq". I did only half set of each (25+15) instead of the three indicated not to overwork on my first session.

    Is this all? Am I missing something?

    It seems super quick to complete! Especially if you do it in the shower.

    Last but not least. My stretched flaccid length is roughly 1cm less (0.4") than my BPEL. Unless I find a way to rip my dick off, I suppose that's the way it is. What does it mean for someone starting now? Nothing I suppose, but maybe there is something I'm missing.

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    That's pretty much it. The one thing you need to do is drop the kegels while stretching. You can find this quote above the stretching section in the JP90.

    WARNING-Despite what you might read, the act kegeling while stretching (kegeled stretching) is extremely dangerous. It puts unnecessary stress on the BC and IC muscles and over time, doing this can cause a strain/pull. A pull/strain to these muscles can result in a tense pelvic floor in response to the injury, and the tension can be so extreme that the muscles put pressure on the pudental nerve (pudental nerve entrapment) causing extreme pain and even permanent damage to the nerve. Perform at you own risk.
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