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I need info on length and girth techniques

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  • I need info on length and girth techniques

    hey I'm new to all of this but have been looking for info that I cant seem to find. I'm wanting to know what are the techniques for getting a longer length but not so much girth. I want to gain about 2 inches length but am not looking for any more than about 1/4-1/2 inch girth. I'm happy with my girth honestly but I dont think it would hurt if i did gain some. I just got my extender in today and it didn't come with instructions other than how to assemble it and put it on, so I'm a bit lost at the moment trying to piece together what I need to do to achieve my goals. Just using the extender do you gain girth with length anyway?

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    Never used one but from what I read from scientific studies (see links below, but users of extenders may want to correct me!) extenders only help in length and not in girth, though the companies which make them say they do. So in my opinion, if you want to gain in length only, this is a good choice. You may want to consider too stretching and low erection jelqing. If you follow a beginner routine for 3 months, you may be able to start hanging, which is a very good exercise for length, though it might also help in girth but only at the base of your penis.
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      I somehow went for 5.5 to 6 in girth from my extender, took a bit over 3 months. I dunno I have told people it could be that I am on a high dose of collagen due to an unrelated injury and maybe that caused the girth gain (I'm not complaining! hehe). So your mileage may vary with girth. I would go download the andropenis routine and follow it until you hit extending at EL, then at that point (3 months in for me) you start to just 'listen to yourself' and adjust accordingly. I am now extending past erect length and the springs are compressed 30%, seems to be a good stretch for me and now it is all about putting in the hours. It may take 2 weeks to get used to the extender, you'll try various things for comfort but the key is to start slow, very slow and build up slowly or you can do major damage. Andropenis starting length is 4cm under erect length so that tells you how slow you start. Good luck
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