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First Base Girth Gains!!!!

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  • First Base Girth Gains!!!!

    I asked a couple weeks ago about increasing base girth, and by following the advice you guys gave me, in 2 weeks, I have already went from 4.4 in. in girth to 4.6 in. of girth! Also I have had other positive body clues. Thanks again for everyone who gave me advice.

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    Good job!! I'm gonna have to start working on my base soon too.
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      I picked up quite a bit of base girth as well during my venture, I wonder sometimes if it has something to do with Kegels. When we exercise or arms or legs they get bigger. Could the same be true for those muscle groups as well? There may not be nothing to it, maybe some of the other guys will post what they think about it. Great to see you making this happen, good luck. HT.


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        thats great styleboy!

        would u be as kind as posting the link to the forum where u got this advice?

        im concerned about the same issue...

        thanks in advance!!