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Help!! Where has my erection gone!!

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  • Help!! Where has my erection gone!!

    Im really starting to get worried about my EQ I haven't had a full erection all week. I cant even seem to get erect enough to Jelq and even if I do within 10 strokes its back to under 50%! Edging is also suffering a lot! Im doing PE SG's routine he posted a few days ago. I met this girl last weekend and have been worried all week about my penis size and seeing her again as the first night I met her she was talking about how important Girth is!! Do you guys think that this is a mental thing and can you give me any tips , I really like this girl but am shit scared she will laugh at the size of my dick!!!!

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    Relax dude.

    Do not exercise your penis for two weeks. You are overtraining. This will make your penis SMALLER, not bigger. You need to take these two weeks to let your penis heal.

    As for this girl you met: she isn't the first and she isn't the last girl you'll meet. Fuck her HARD and FAST, don't stop, and she won't notice a thing about your penis.

    What are your stats?

    Remember that men are bigger than they think they are. We tend to get nervous and paranoid, so we underestimate ourselves. Calm down, DO NOT PE FOR TWO WEEKS. Your erection will be back.
    Starting stats: October 15th, 2008 - NBPEL: 6.25' EG: 5.00'

    Current stats October 15th, 2009 - (100% erection) NBPEL: 7.20' EG: 5.375'

    Goal: NBPEL: 8' EG: 6' (objective: girth)

    TGC Theory

    A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get into accord with them: they are legitimately what directs his conduct in the world. -Sigmund Freud


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      Good advice Radiohead.

      I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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        Yes very good advice!
        Start (25/1 -09)
        BPEL 6.29
        EG 4,53

        Now (2/9 -09)
        BPEL 6,40
        EG 5,1

        Final goal

        EL 8,0
        EG 6


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          Thanks Radiohead I think Im just over thinking everything and getting myself worried, need to relax I think, a good session of sex would help LOL!!!! I havent measured for a while but I think the last time I measured I was BPEL 17.8 cm Length and about 10.8cm in Girth. Girths is what really bothers me about my unit. I will take your advice and stop for 2 weeks maybe just do some jai stretches in the shower. Thanks again