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counting wet jelqs?

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  • counting wet jelqs?

    When doing wet jelqs do you count for each pass with each hand or does one pass with either hand count as one?

    thanks guys!!!
    Started 24/03/09 bpel 8" eg 5.5"

    goal 01/07/09 bpel 9" eg 6.5"

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    A pass with the left, then right hand would be one jelq. I used to count 1 per single hand and double the number that i am supposed to do. I believe the best way though is to just time it instead of counting.


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      It's a tough one this.

      JonPop's 90 day routine for beginners suggests that both hands passing up one after the other count as one jelq.

      In this routine, he suggests a total of 150 wet jelqs for beginners. However using my counting method, this would actually be 300 jelqs as I count one hand sliding up as a jelq!

      Perhaps we need a poll?

      A lot of people on here use time as well to count, but again, this can be quite unscientific as one person may be doing 3 second jelqs and another doing 5 second jelqs. Obviously the person doing 3 seconds jelqs would be doing more overall (although you could argue that the quality is not as good as 5 second jelqs).

      My only problem with time is that if I want to be progressive, then I don't actually know how many jelqs I'm doing. OK I could count 5 second jelqs, but some may actually be 4 seconds, some may even be 6 seconds. What I'm trying to say is, by increasing my jelqing time each week by one minute, will mean I'm doing more jelqs, but the number that I'll be doing would probably vary.

      This is why I actually like counting reps, as I can be a little bit more accurate when increasing and measuring my progress.

      However, what I'm still not clear on is how many strokes counts as a rep - one hand or two?

      I think I'll do a poll....
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        Thanks guys so im on day 6 today of the beginers routine and i was counting every pass as one and doing 150 and i also timed it today and it was just over 5 min of wet jelqing. Do you guys think i should do this for like another week and then bump it up to 300 reps? also im doing 2 days on 1 day off for my routine is that what you guys would sugest?

        thanks alot guys!!!
        Started 24/03/09 bpel 8" eg 5.5"

        goal 01/07/09 bpel 9" eg 6.5"


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          I'm on month two and the 2 day on 1 day off has worked for me well, you can eventually go to 3/1. Five minutes sounds good for the first week, keep slowly increasing as long as its still comfortable. Good luck