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Is Ejaculation after PE is bad?

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  • Is Ejaculation after PE is bad?

    I heard that cumming after PE can harm the quality and effect of Jelqes, Extenders, any other PEs.

    Is that true?

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    Thats a new one to me.

    A couple times a week ought to be ok.
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      Originally posted by Dangler View Post
      Thats a new one to me.

      A couple times a week ought to be ok.

      I'm planning to have ejaculation only in rest days.
      If possible.


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        I'd say yes. Especially if you have a long edging session and you ejaculate afterwards. It's sort of a waste. All that blood flow that you worked to get in your penis more quickly dissipates after ejaculation.


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          If you're not sexually active, then using your stamina exercises as a release for your libido is efficient- and much better than potentially exhausting it and causing negative conditioning via frivolous masturbation. That being said, it's important to find the right frequency of ejaculation for you- so testing may be necessary.

          If you feel you're ejaculating too frequently, test performing some of your stamina sessions without ejaculating. Some may be prone to vasocongestion ("blue balls") by doing this.

          If you're sexually active enough, manual edging sessions may not be necessary (the 60 Minute Rule).
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            Does Ejaculation affect Gains?

            There have been numerous discussions on the issue with arguments from both sides. There was an article here on the ‘Gym way back, Ejaculation and Penis Size Gains, which says "on average, the men that did not ejaculate within an hour after a penile workout gained 35 percent more cubic inches than the men that did ejaculate."

            However, a simple comparison between the two groups does not necessarily suggest that it is ejaculation in particular that affects gains.
            It could easily be the case that people who did not
            ejaculate are more 'disciplined' as individuals and have more consistent and effective workouts compared to people who ejaculated, and so on.

            That’s my personal take on it. When I ejaculated after PE, it took me like two or three days to get back into it. My drive/desire to do it went out of the window.

            I think majority of the guys that PE do it in hopes of being better in the bedroom. So if you're masturbating, it gets rid of the drive/desire, because you're body assumed you had sex and really doesn't need you to strive any better to obtain it.

            The easiest answer is to keep masturbation and PE separate. There's no 100% conclusive proof that this benefits everyone. But it should make anything requiring a full or partial erection easier and more productive.

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