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LAS (Lazy Ass Stretch)

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  • LAS (Lazy Ass Stretch)

    Hey guys, i've heard about this exercise but i'm so confused on how to do it. Can anyone explain to me? Does it need warm up before doing it ?
    NBPEL : 5.5"
    BPEL : 6"
    EG: 5"

    Goal: 6.5" x 5.5"

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    A lasy ass stretch is when you pull your penis toward your ass and clamp down on it by closing your legs to hold it in place if it's causing discomfort your pulling or squeezing to hard. Many people including myself find it easier to avoid pain by pushing their ball sack to the left or right while others like to go straight down the middle. I would suggest a warm-up before hand like any other exercise although some people have used this exercise by itself as a warm-up.


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      Here is an indepth thread on the LAS by a highly respected member of pegym