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A few questions about Girth (bet you've never heard that before!)

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  • A few questions about Girth (bet you've never heard that before!)

    I currently do my PE routine 5 times a week, with Fridays and Saturdays off.

    My main girth exercises are Tunica Tugs and O-bends. I've also upped my jelqing erection level to 60%.

    So, my first question:

    Is it better to do girth exercies every day of your routine, or every other? For example, should I do Tunica Tugs and O-bends (with Jelqs) on a Sunday, and just do Jelqs on a Monday?

    My main target is girth, but I want to carry on making length gains; so my second question is:

    Will upping my erection level while Jelqing cause my length gains to slow down/stop?

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    i wouldnt do girth exercises every day, give it about 48 hours to completely recover
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      I do mine every 2nd to 3rd workout depending on how it feels. Upping your jelging erection kills the effect and simply becomes edging or masturbation. You can do squeezes with erections but jelging should be done at 60% or lower in my oppinion.
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