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No privacy (warm-up issue)

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  • No privacy (warm-up issue)

    I'm currently living in a house with a lot of people and the bathroom is not very conveniately located, it's right beside someone's bed. When I lived alone I would do my warm-ups and jelqing in the bathroom since there's hot water. Now I don't know how to make it work. I can jelq in my room, but what do I say about my long visits to the bathroom every night? I really have to be able to warm up in my room in order to relax, but how? Any possible suggestions?

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    Rice sock. Put a tied up sock in the microwave which is full of rice and heat up for between 1 - 3 mins (will depend on what you can personaly take). Wrap your dick in the sock for 10 mins and hey presto warm up sorted

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      I'm not sure how effective they are but I'm looking into buying a heating pad. I think they're normally used to sooth pains but they seem perfect for warming up the penis. I think you just plug them into a socket and they'll heat up within a matter of minutes.

      I can't see myself running through my flat to the microwave and heating a sock everytime I intend to PE without arousing suspicion.

      Hope that helps,

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        Great idea LookAlive. I would have to say the heating pad would be ideal for someone restricted in a roommate type situation where privacy is a must. Perhaps on a low heat setting. I would test that pad heat before putting it on the penis though...that could hurt if it got too hot. When privacy is no longer a concern, try the rice sock. Good luck and let us know how the heat pad works.


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          Why not try a hot water bottle. Fill it with a pot full of boiling water thats what i do.Gives me a great warm up. You can purchase one at walmart or walgreens or cvs in the pharmacy department.


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            Originally posted by HetroErectus View Post
            I can jelq in my room, but what do I say about my long visits to the bathroom every night?
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              Fowfer^^ 10 minutes but body wont be enough, so make it as a supplement only after you do fowfer you can have a 5 minutes warm up. Some PEer can use fowfer as warm. right KP
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