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Curved penis exercices?

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  • Curved penis exercices?

    The tip of my penis is slightly bent upward, which I guess is normal since many dicks are bent upward, but I suspect that my previous use (before I got into jelqing) of an extender device has made it a little more crooked than it was before I started using it. Also it slightly points to the right which I guess is the result of right-hand masturbating...

    I've recently picked up jelqing again after a break during the summer (no precious privacy!) and I thought of starting to jelq in the opposite direction in order to straighten everything out. I did it two nights ago - stretching and jelqing downwards + left... But the funny things is the next day my flaccid penis would point even more to the right than usually when in flaccid state.

    Could it be in a strange way that I should stretch and jelq in the direction that the penis is bending? And what would happen if I would only stretch and jelq in the opposite direction of the curving without doing it in the other directions? I guess it's not considered a full and recommended workout? What are you thoughts on this?

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    You could still strecth in all directions and just jelg against the curve. Experiment with your grips and choose the best grip which jelgs against the curve.
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