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  • Stretching

    if you gradually start to get an erection when you are doing the 'lazy ass stretch,' do you stop from stretching since it is quite dangerous to stretch at erect state? I think it's dangerous to continue so I stop and then do it again. :P Anyways, I am glad I found out today that I can do the 'lazy ass stretch'.
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    WTF is the lazy ass stretch?

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      Putting your cock between your legs and stretching, fowfer isn't it ? It seems lazy ass to me


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        It can cause problems if you stretch while erect though there are exceptions.
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          If you are doing LAS, I feel it is ok to continue should you start to get an erection, provided your initial stretch was made while flaccid. I wouldn't encourage starting it with a hard on. What were you doing watching porn or something?

          Kingpole, you pull your cock down and between your legs, pretty much line it up between with your ass cheeks. While still pulling it fairly hard sit on it carefully. Some guys with bigger balls find they have to move them to one side first. Over time it stretches the upper ligs which allow for a flaccid hang straight down, and it also increases flaccid length and possibly flaccid girth as well. It does not translate into any erect gains. I have sat on it while on the computer for up to an hour, usually every half hour or so I stand up and shake it out.
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            Oh I didn't know it dosen't give you any erect gains. :O Anyways, what are good PE that gives you erect gains? Jelqs?


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              All PE will give you erect gains. Do a structured routine with ALL of the exercises.

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