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    Okay, I am glad that I woke up with super hard morning wood. But, I am wondering about what my dick is trying to say to me. When it is in about flaccid/semi-erect state, it gives out some pre-cum (I am not aroused whatsoever), and it feels so warm. I feel deceived now by my dick that I don't even know if I worked out my penis well. But the good thing is that it REFUSES to turtle. And oh by the way, I am uncut. Has any uncut PE veterans experienced this? How do you make sense out of this? Thanks.

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    My initial thought is that you penis is responding really well and you have some positive PI which means growth is coming, keep up what you are doing.

    I have had a similar feeling and with the warmth I get a large flaccid hang and good plumpness which means I feel good inside which also helps with growth.

    I think perhaps you should either keep a record of this and start a log if you havent and also get your stats up somewhere (you may have already of course).

    BPEL 6"
    EG (mid) 4.75"
    EG (base) 5"


    BPEL 7"
    EG ( mid) 5"
    EG (base) 5.5"

    1st goal 7"x 5.25" DONE
    2nd goal 7.5" x 5.75"

    For Pics see:


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      Yeah I should measure it when I get another morning wood, maybe tomorrow.


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        i actually wake multiple times during the night with wood. sometimes it feels like its throbbing(especially during rest days). im guessing this has to be good.


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          Yeah, me too! I almost always get those throbbing nightwood right before I fall asleep during rest days and sometimes might get a couple more during the dawn when I wake up to pee, and then I wake up again with morningwood in the morning. I get so MANY erections throughout the day, too that my dick feels like a wild beast.
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