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Doing it Right? and what is one rep?

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  • Doing it Right? and what is one rep?

    How do I know if I am jelquing correctly? I have started about 2 or 3 weeks ago without any noticeable differences except that during the workout and post workout I look a lot bigger(almost like I'm getting a workout pump similar to what you would when you lift weights with your upper body)

    As of now I am doing JP's begginner routine and I am kind of slacking on the warm-up(I just kind of shower and keep my penis in the hot water for as long as I can, maybe keep the wash cloth on it for 2 minutes or so)

    What are some tips you have for begginners for this?

    OH and lastly, in reference to the OK grip Jelq and V Jelqs...What is considered 1 rep-- doing it with both hands 1 times or each individual hand counts on as 1 rep?

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    1 rep is using both hands once each. Heating up is important so Heat up as best you can. If you can see that you're pushing blood upward when you kegal (even if its a small amount) you know you are doing it correctly. Lighter grips are becoming more preferred amongst PE'rs so don;t try and engorge it with blood, just comfortably stroke it with an increased volume above flaccid.
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      On your v-jelq, after your stroke reaches the bottom of your glans, leave it there and touch it with your finger from the other hand. If your glans is hard as a rock, you know your stroke was affective. When I say hard, I mean your glans should be very hard. When I do my downward jelqs my glans doesn't fill up with quite as much blood.

      I have gone on record as saying I was dead wrong not to warm up prior to stretching, but I do not warm up prior to jelqing. You are not stretching ligaments, you are not yanking on your unit like you do when stretching. You are taking some blood, trapping it, then slowly moving it up your shaft. You are expanding the cells within the corpus cavernosum and spongiosum by forcing blood into them. Maybe there is more to this bad boy than I know about, but I have caused myself no injuries of any kind, and I have been fairly successful at gaining in girth size.
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        Letting a hot shower run on your junk is a legitimate warm-up method. Other than that, I say PH and rib have summed up the basic concept quite well. I've been doing the same as rib (no warm-up prior to jelqing) but only after having done this long enough to learn proper technique. The main thing when it comes to pre-jelqing warm ups is that there's two types: Passive & active. A passive warm-up is the type where you simply apply heat to the penis for a certain period of time. However, an active warm-up is the kind where you simply start doing your jelqs with a very light grip and work up your intensity as your session progresses.


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          It's good to hear that a warm shower is enough for a warm up from people that have good results. It's what I've been doing. Otherwise, whenever I use a really hot wash cloth, I experience some numbness.
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            Originally posted by Seven View Post
            It's good to hear that a warm shower is enough for a warm up from people that have good results. It's what I've been doing. Otherwise, whenever I use a really hot wash cloth, I experience some numbness.
            A hot shower, as long as it is hot enough yet no burning, will give you a perfectly thorough warm-up. Let the stream run against your pelvis, right at the base of your penis, and the flow of water will be covering the whole equipment as good as can be.


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              I thought I would add my two cents since I recently noticed something that many have talked about here. My warm up routine has consisted of a shower followed by 10 minutes or so of a heating pad. I felt that this was an adequate warmup and felt pretty good about it. After reading how many of the vets stress that a warmup may be one of the most important things in a routine I decided I would shower and up the heating pad to 15 minutes. I must say what a difference this made. I read many others describe their penis as "puddy in their hands" after a thorough warmup and I could not quite relate, but after upping the heating pad by 5 minutes it made a huge difference. I probably got twice the stretch I usually get and my dick felt like taffy in that it kept stretching and stretching and stretching.

              So for any who are slacking on their warmup I highly recomend they give this a second thought. If a longer warmup equals a longer stretch and a longer stretch equals a longer penis I dont know why many would skip out on the warmup. I can see why warming up is just as important as anything else in a PE routine.
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