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The Beginner's Penis Enlargement Routine help

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  • The Beginner's Penis Enlargement Routine help

    During your first week, take two days off between each workout. Thereafter, do the following routine every other day:
    what does this mean?
    for the first week do i do it Monday, Thursday, Sunday and when i start the second week i do Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday?
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    Instead of making a set routine, why dont you listen to your penis.

    If you feel tired, dont exercise. If you feel like you can take it, then exercise.

    Monday, thursday, saturday is a good routine.
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      I have found with exercise in general, that it takes time to be able to listen to your body effectively.
      Brian the idea is to condition your dick slowly so as to avoid injury.


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        I'm trying to do both. I'll take at least two days off and if I feel I need more time I'll wait.