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2 basic questions (Im new)

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  • 2 basic questions (Im new)

    I know these questions probably been asked a million times. But i am new here and have done quite a bit of searching.

    I dont really understand the tug (LOT) what am I suppose to be feeling? what do you mean by loss of tug what tug?

    Next kegels: okay I think I understand what it is but not sure. Your talking about contracting the muscle thats feels like its at the bottom of the shaft (towards the belly) and when you use it your anus muscle is active as well?
    So is a kegel the contracting (maybe expanding feels like contacting to me) of that muscle like if you had a erection your penis moves up and down when using it? Do you want to hold the contraction? Ease it to full use then ease it to no use?

    i feel like im bouncing all over the place trying to find answers. All I'm looking to do is gain some grith and a inch would be nice. I figure that is resonable seeing how everyone has these amazing sucess stories of more than an inch. I dont want to be huge.

    8" with some decent grith and I will be happy. my moto "Its on inch but its an angry inch" hah I just realized I want to gain an inch but that line is more of its how you use it. Its funny how it fits my new desire.

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    What routine are you following.You should only kegel on pe days.Start with 60 reps total(3 sets of twenty)You can also do stop/starts where every time you go to bathroom to take pee you try to stop flow of urine using your pelvic floor muscles.This really helped me in learning kegels.
    Forget about lot right now and do yourself a favor and get on Jon Pops 90 day beginners program.One other thing relax,and welcome to the Gym
    Imagination expands the mind