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  • Why I joined PEGYM?

    Hello everyone. I am new to this Gym and here is something about me:
    • I did PE exercise for 1 week and have gained a lot(see in the last for figures).
    • English is not my mother tongue, but i'll try my best to follow GYM's grammar policy.
    • I already have a good knowledge of jelq, squeeze and kegel
    • I have mastered kegel, but never practised PE exersice more than 3 days.

    My story why i joined PEGYM :
    I always wanted to have a big penis, so I googled for free PE exercise and I found these exercises everywhere. So i practiced them for 1-2 days, many times, and as soon as i masturbate, i discontinue them. One side of my mind says- Do it, don't you want a big one. The other says- its time consuming man, yours is average and women are not pleased by the size, its technique. Then i start searching for women reviews and polls in the surveys conducted about men's size.
    This thing happened hundred of times, and evertime i ended up with reading women views about size, feel relax as its not about size; its abt technique.

    But my new girlfriend, I asked to her,"Did you ever dreamed about having sex with guy having a big penis(mine is 13.7cm; 5.4" when erect)". She said yours is big enough. I like you and i didn't chose you on the basis of your size. Even if you had 1 inch smaller, it was ok.

    I was not happy with her answer as i wanted a big penis, but there should be a good reason to give a GO for it.
    So I prepared a new question and asked to her," What if your MaRio's penis grows an inch. I mean same emotions, same love and of course same technique. But this time i'll have an extra inch to express them".
    She thought for a second and then said," Ohh! MaRio, i'll love to. even wondering about this thing has made me aroused."

    I got what i wanted and I started searching if these PE exercises work or not. So I searched for forums and discussions and I ended up here. I read every post, every success story and started doing PE exercise, without joining the forum; as remek has declared "You don't have to be a member to read"

    Its just 1 week i am doing these exercise and i am shocked by the measurements. These are erect measurements
    Before: 13.7cms; 5.4"
    After 1 week: 15.4cms; 6.2"

    I have measured it 5 times and it says i have gained 1.7cm just in a week. I am very happy with the results and i wanted to share this with you.

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    That is a very good result mario, most members have to work far longer to get that gain. Have you also measured girth?


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      Pegasus, i forgot to mentioned about girth
      After 1 week:4.9"

      But as i already mentioned i have a good experience with PE exercises, so my routine is not the beginners one.


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        Welcome to the Gym Mario!!
        Best wishes for more great gains!!
        Dr. PhibbysHammer has not got 3 degrees from HARVARD, YALE and PRINCETON and is in no way LICENSED TO PRACTICE MEDICINE or PSYCHOLOGY.


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          Wow Mario ! That's fantastic, .4 girth gain in 1 week ! That's what i'm looking for . What routine are you using ? Taking any supplements ? Do it feel like a dramatic erection improvement for you ? Thank you !


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            Well said Ppb. Previously I was not sure if PE works or not. but when i found my results surprising, I wanted to share it as I know its the Beginners who need a lot of encouragement to make commitment to themselves and PE exercises.
            My routine: I don't recommend this routine to any beginner. though its just a week for me into these exercises, but i'll not count myself in beginners. I have practiced them many a times, but everytime discontinued just after 1-2 days.
            4-5min warmup (i dip it in hot water)
            start jelq with 100% erection(with care)
            50 x 4 sets
            As it looses erection due to fatigue, i give 1 min break and jelq at 50% erection.
            100 x 3 sets
            Give a 3 min break and squeeze at 80-85% erection(i found them very dangerous at 100%)
            4 sets x 20sec each.

            I found warming up very effective. Helped me to prevent unwanted swelling (i am uncircumcised) and avoids red spots.
            I regularly dip it in warm water after evert set of exercise.

            No supplement, but i use olive oil as lubricant. Once my doctor advised massaging my leg with it when it got paralyzed(accident). She said it stimulates your nerves.
            Worked very well for my leg, don't know if same rule applies to little master but yes, i use it.
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              Mario: Welcome to The Gym! Congratulations on the quick gains. Interesting to hear about your massaging. Can you describe your technique more?
              "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein