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Jelq no longer working for me.

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  • Jelq no longer working for me.

    What do you guys do when your jelqing doesn't fatigue your penis anymore?

    I don't feel pressure anymore when I jelq. And I've noticed I haven't gained in a while.

    Am I the only one experiencing this? I don't have a weak grip, In the fire academy I raised the bangor ladder faster then anyone in my class, and some of the huge muscle heads in my class could barely do it and some couldn't.

    also, the jelq device hurts my urethra.
    Starting stats: July 2009 BPEL 6 x EG 4.75

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    Originally posted by growing4her View Post
    If it responds well to the squeezes and shakes keep adding them in, anything that engorges it , is a good exercise. I like the compressed rolls , you can do them slow and watch the blood shoot through the veins like a lightning bolt .Jelqing alone doesnt get me engorged like mixing it up does.
    This is from another thread, but I thought it might help you. growing4her has a really nice routine and he's always experimenting for improvement.
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      Thanks PH . What makes you think jelqing has stopped working for you Calor?
      Starting stats JULY 1st ,2009
      8" bpel
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      August 10,2009
      8 3/4 bpel !!!
      5 3/4 erect girth !!!

      10 bpel
      7.5 erect girth

      It's official I'm growing a monster


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        I think both jelqing and stretching may have stop working for me a couple of times already. Just look at my stats. I should of been at least 5.8-6.0" in length by now. But today I just started to focus more and am trying to clear my mind from thinking negatively about this. If you find anything that happens to work with you, helping you start gaining again please let me know because I seem to be in the same boat.
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