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  • Injury? Lump

    About 3 weeks ago, i created a small lump on top right side of penis while jelqing , i am uncut. I thought it went away, but its not. During flaccid its almost not visible at all, while jelqing it becomes visible with little more bulge and goes back to normal after PE.

    However i do not feel pain or any sort of discomfort, but my only worry is even after 3 weeks of heating it did not go away.

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    When I first started pe before I found any sites ,I developed a bump it seems to be an area that is more developed. Anyway it is still there though not normaly visible now, it causes no problems. Hope this helps.


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      Its actually on the fore skin if i pull back skin the lump moves along with it, its like slight inflation of vein. Do i need to see a doctor?


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        There may be some inflammation in that vein and this would cause a hard area that is often tender. Repeated trauma with masturbation or exersize would make it more inflamed and cause it to swell. It may also be a pimple-like skin cyst. However, These are just a possible diagnoses, of course, and if it persists you need to see a urologist for a definite answer. If its bothering you or painful avoid masturbating or exersize for a week and see if it resolves.
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