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  • Keeping gains

    Hey guys just a quick question, is it possible to keep gains with just taking supplements such as:

    L Arginine
    Ginko Bilboa

    Reason i am asking this is because lately i have been getting injured during my workouts and i have been on these supplements and for about 2 weeks

    I have been off my routine and have kept gains. However i should mention that before i got hurt i was on a "cement routine" to cement my gains.

    I really want to get back into working it again but with the burning sensations in my unit i am afraid to.

    Just some feed backs guys thanks alot!

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    Hey, if you have been injuring yourself you should pull back. That is something you don't want to be doing (we only have one).

    What is your routine?

    Supplements are helpful for overall health but aren't going to necessarily cement gains. From my own experience the gains you get will stay with you when done properly. You want to make sure if the burning continues you see a doctor as well.
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    Long term goal
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      Squid is correct,
      The supps are good for overall health and even the repair your unit needs to heal itself, but you need to just stop and rest and give it all the time it needs to heal and if you don't show progress within a couple of days make a doctors appointment (urologist).
      Dr. PhibbysHammer has not got 3 degrees from HARVARD, YALE and PRINCETON and is in no way LICENSED TO PRACTICE MEDICINE or PSYCHOLOGY.