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  • Advice from guys my size

    Hi everyone

    As you can see i am new to the forum, i first tried PE a few years ago from the terrible so called free sites with little or no information. Things didn't go very well and i stopped shortly after starting, which makes me very glad to have found PE gym. The wealth of information and member advice on the forum is inspirational. I have always wanted a larger penis which i am sure is something everyone on here can easily relate to.
    I started the newbie routine 2 weeks ago and my penis feels great, my erections are really hard and stay hard for ages!

    My question is aimed at the members who are about my size, so that their gains and experience are something i can aspire to, and also to help me set more realistic goals.

    What exercises have you found to work well gaining length progressively? As that is where i would like to 'grow' the most.
    How fast or slow have your gains come? What would be realistic goals for me?
    How do you keep motivated?
    Any advice you have for my PE journey would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You
    Glad to be a part of this forum
    Start: NBPEL: 6.5'; EG: 6'. Goal: NBPEL: 7.5'; EG: 6.2'

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    welcome to the forum, adonis.

    it seems you were so excited to ask your questions, you didn't specify your current size, so either no one, or everyone will answer, lol.

    good luck!
    NBPEL: 5.20 EG: 4.30 short term goal: NBPEL: 6.50 EG 5.50 long term goal: NBPEL: 7.50 EG 6.00
    my progress log feels good man.
    NBPFSL: 9/29: 5.00 10/5: 5.30


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      What size are you?

      For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thine wounds, saith the Lord Jeremiah 30:17


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        I am NBPEL: 6.5'
        EG: 6'

        Goals of NBPEL: 7.5;
        EG: 6.2

        Thanks haha
        Start: NBPEL: 6.5'; EG: 6'. Goal: NBPEL: 7.5'; EG: 6.2'


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          Okay now its on signature.
          Thanks again
          Start: NBPEL: 6.5'; EG: 6'. Goal: NBPEL: 7.5'; EG: 6.2'


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            hey adonis...

            you and i are roughly at the same size. you're bigger girth-wise, but we're basically the same with respect to length. i'm nbpel 6.75", eg 5.5"; bpel 7.25". and, we both are looking for mainly length gains. i'm new, so other's advice will probably be more valuable to you but here is what i am doing and with good results so far.

            started in sept. bpel was 7 inches, occasionally 7 1/8 inches. hard to believe, but after 5 days of PE (not in a row), i grew to 7.25 in bpel. i was blown away by it. that may be attributed to my having a lot of experience as a vacuum pumper for many years? i don't know. anyway, i have modeled my routine after a couple guys on the forum who have received gains with this type of routine over time. i plan to just hang in there with this and go slow. here's the routine:

            warm up for at least 10 min
            10 min of basic stretching (out, up, rt, lft - 30 secs on each; 10 rotary cranks rt, 10 rotary cranks lft - i decided to reduce the rotary cranks)
            10 min of wet jelqing 3 to 4 sec strokes (more pressure if less hard, less pressure if harder - just "listen" to my body's feedback to dictate pressure level)
            15 to 20 mins of edging - don't ejaculate (although sometimes it just ends up happening)

            over time i may just increase the time i spend on my routine, but that's it. hope that helps?! good luck and welcome aboard!


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              Thank you 7InchStart
              I don't have any vacuum experience but gains like yours would be great! I am going to keep up with my current routine but add the rotary stretches in.
              Looking forward to growing!
              Start: NBPEL: 6.5'; EG: 6'. Goal: NBPEL: 7.5'; EG: 6.2'