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  • Kegel types question

    Hi bros,
    I read here and there that there are two types of kegels: BC and PC..
    Can you explain the difference between the two?
    I only know the kegel where you stop your urine and in the same way you make your dick slightly bigger/harder when you do this in erect state.
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    PC muscle - The pubococcygeus muscle. It is part of the muscle group that connects the pubic bone to the tailbone. Strengthening this muscle can result in stronger, longer lasting erections and better ejaculation. While this muscle in the male is the lesser, the Bulbospongiosus muscle is the prominent muscle used in the kegel exercise and is located at the base of the penis where it attaches and anchors the penis to the pelvis.
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      Yes! Clear and consise answer PH. The PC muscle is a very good exercise to keep your sphincter muscle (the ass hole muscle) in top shape as well as the whole pelvic floor plate.

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        I didn't realise there were two muscles.

        When I kegel, I can feel my asshole clench and unclench. Is this right? Does it still lead to better erections and ejaculation control?
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          If you can isolate the two muscles, you can exercise them both, one after the other at the same time. Clinch and hold the PC, clinch and hold the BC.

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            A good way of telling that you're doing your kegels correctly is to perform them with an erection (this way also gives the best results). If your erection moves up and down as you contract and release, you'll know you're doing them correctly.
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