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Why are kegels important?

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  • Why are kegels important?

    What purpose do they serve? Do they help with gains? Are they essential to a PE routine? Can you do too many kegels? What would be the consequences? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks

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    Hi Incognito,

    When you do Kegels you are exercising the PC muscles. These control semen and blood flow to the penis which in turn controls the firmness of your erections.

    Check out this page for a reliable source:
    Kegel Exercises For Men - UK

    I would describe these as the foundation of any PE, because if you haven't got the blood to fill your penis with then what's the point in making room for more?

    Exercising your PC muscles is just like exercising any other muscles, but thankfully it responds very well with even a small amount of exercise. If you over do it it will just feel fatigued until it has repaired.

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