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First Measurement in 4 weeks :)

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  • First Measurement in 4 weeks :)

    So i just did the first measurement since i started PE 4 weeks ago. Gained 0.2 inches in length and almost 0.2 inches in girth as well pretty happy about it!

    Im doing the beginner's routine, and here are some points i'd like to make, maybe they would help:

    1: i do at least 30 mins warm-up before each session, and use HOT wrap. I feel this is very important and i feel totally different when i do PE with and without warm up

    2: i don't edge or balloon after each session as many guys to. I get overtrained more easily if i do that. What i've tried a couple of times is that instead of edging, i try to keep a full erection right after PE for about 10 minutes. This makes my unit hang lower and heavier and more spongy than without the erection. I guess this might have something to do with blood circulation right after PE to strengthen the effects of PE. (just my guess)

    3. don't think about PE all the time, just do whatever you're supposed to do in the day, and results will come. the more you worry, the less you gain.

    4. A good indicator of overtraining is a hard penis when its flaccid. I use that as an indicator and take one or two days off if i see it happens. To me, the more spongy it is, the more potential it has to gain.

    Hope this helps, and still thank you all for all advice you guys gave me before and of course, hope more gain is on the way too

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    Congrats on the gains your doing well.

    For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thine wounds, saith the Lord Jeremiah 30:17


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      thats awesome man, im just coming back after a long break an im gettin girth gains fast but not so much on length gains while erect but my flaccid gains and stretched gains are coming so soon enough i will see erect length gains. thats a good PI i never thought of, the HARDNESS WILE FLACCID, i have that an over looked it so i guess i gotta take a few days off


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        congrats man yeah, i can notice my flaccid length gain too, but not so much in flaccid girth...but i think it is coming soon yeah, the flaccid hardness is an important PI for me...everytime i had that, i'd take a break...hope more gains are coming to you man!


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          Great job PEpiano, good luck with future gains!!
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