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  • hey people, PEkid here!

    hey whats up guys!!!... ive been a lurker for a while now and have been searching for a PE forum that is practical and honest... and this seems to be it.... i like the posts here and it looks like the people here are very helpful and very supportive... i bought aaron kemmer's exercising the penis 4 months ago and after i got the book i started doing the beginning exercises right away... at first i was unsatisfied by the size of my penis as it was 6.5" BPEL and 4.8/4.9" BPEG... (my inital goal is to be only 7" BPEL) at first i thought this wont work, because of all the negative feedbacks from friends, sex experts, and especially doctors.... but i said to myself, what the heck do i got to lose (oh yeah i get to loose my smaller one to a bigger one )... after doing the exercises religiously for 4 months i am proud to say that i am now 7.2" BPEL and 5.125" BPEG (YEHEY).... other things that i noticed is that my penis is much harder and i can perform again just after seconds of ejaculating( another YEHEY)... also when i ejaculate it used to just drip now it literraly SPITS out the semen like a fucking fountain!!! DAMN!!! all i see are tons of improvement and gains and no bad side effects...

    i am now truly convinced that this works and will keep doing it... now ive reset my goal to become 8x6, this is my long term dream goal.... now my question to PEdudes that have been doing this for a long time... how long, in your estimate will it take me to reach this size? and can you please share the details of your gains and how long it took you...also what is edging and how do you do it? thanks so much and i am looking forward in your replies...

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    Hey there! Welcome. I'm new as well. Started in September. What exercise routine have you done over the last 4 months to get the results you've obtained? And how often did you do it? Congratulations on the gains! Really cool that you've gained over a half inch in a short peroid of time.


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      the first 2 months i only did:
      5 minute warm up
      Stretching 2 sets of: straight up, right, left, straight out,left, right, straight down, left, right (its good to stretch every aspects of your unit to have even gains...
      then i jelq for 10 minutes... then cool down

      on the 3rd-4th month i do:
      in the AM (length exercises) of no more than 30 minutes
      5 minute warmup
      stretching of 2 sets
      jelqing 10 minutes
      internal stretch 3 reps of 30 seconds each
      pendulum of 50reps like sretching do different angles for ex: 15 up left to right, straight left to right, and down left to right...
      cool down

      in the PM no more than 30 minutes of girth exercises

      the squeeze 5 reps of 30 seconds each
      flaccid bend 3 reps of 30-45 seconds each
      uli (for people who have been PEing for 3-4 months) 3 reps of 30-45 secs
      double hand uli(for people who have been PEing for 3-4 months) 3 reps of 30-45 secs each
      then cool down...

      i do this every other day in order for my unit take some rest... everyday i kegel 200-300 short kegels....

      i also take centrum and horny goat weed for stronger erections and i also do boxing to make sure i lose the fat pads to show more of my length... it also helps with the stamina.... so hope you can learn something from this... enjoy PE, and hope you get even better gains than i did... chow...