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  • When to masturbate

    Is it bad to whack it before or after a workout? If i don't before i have a hell of a time doing it. Stretches are nearly impossible.

    And if i do whack it before the workout is that considered a partial warm-up?
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    does masturbation affect growth


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      Originally posted by vegetarian
      That's the short version. If you want the long version I can give it to you. But you won't like it.
      That's just what he said, to her. *Snick*

      I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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        Vegetarian is spot on with that advice.
        It's a tough job being good looking and hung :-)


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          Im off the opinion of masterbating/edging for maybe no more than 10-15 minutes in any session tops. In my case I noticed that masterbating or edging even without releasing will cause me to turtle for quite a bit.


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            The results from the penis enlargement survey done by this site shows that you should not ejaculate 5 hours before or after a session. I try to minimize ejaculation to once every 2-3 days, but I don't always follow. But I do always follow the five hour rule. In the study the people who ejaculated the least gained the most.