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    Hey guys, just started the 90 Day Program, but I haven't decided to set a Day One yet, as I'm still busy nailing down the technique.

    If I understand it correctly, the purpose of a Jelq is to force more blood into the penis than normal, or create a pressure within it correct? I have too much loose skin down South, even when I'm erect my foreskin can go halfway over the head. Add that to a small fat pad it makes it hard to switch hands when Jelqing, as I can't pull up with the second hand.

    Now I read somewhere that if I hold a kegel well moving my hand back to the base, it is effective. I just tried it and it seemed alright, more effective than earlier. So I take it that 's a good alternative?

    And about V Jelqs... They just feel unnatural, probably due to the prior reason...Should I keep trying it and it will come?

    And let me just say thanks, I've just started PE, so no results, and I'm about 6.7 by 4.8, so about average but always had issues, but atleast knowing that I'm taking active steps to improve myself adds alot of confidence, and having such a community really helps.

    Shot dudes

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    Hey man

    I recommend you make a progress log in the ''Progress Log'' forum . Make an intro post with your initial measurements, give us a brief history (why you wanna PE, how old are you, what is your routine, what is your objective...)

    Okay, the jelq has several functions:

    For a beginner, you want to jelq with a low erection level.
    Low erection level jelqs:
    -Stretch ALL the structures of the penis
    -Forces a bit of blood to the glans, slightly expanding your capillaries, veins, CCs...(corpus cavernosas...the spongy tissue that makes your dick hard)

    You need to do this for 3 months to condition your penis and make it tougher. after that, you can move on to high erection level jelqs

    High erection level jelqs
    -Doesnt stretch your penis because its hard
    -Forces a great deal of blood to the glans
    -Expands everything greatly

    You dont need to worry about this stuff for now. Just learn the proper low erection level jelqing technique.

    You'll probably quit jelqing eventually. I stopped jelqing after 5 months of PE because I got sick of them.

    Now, I use a penis pump, I hang weights and I clamp my penis when it's at 100% erection (this makes my girth expand by over 1/4 inch everytime!)...You'll see, the world of PE has a lot in store for you later on.

    V jelqs: just perform them slowly

    If you can, hold your foreskin back while you jelq with one hand.

    Make sure you pull your foreskin BACK when you stretch (grab under the glans)

    Cardio training is also recommended to reduce your fat pad and make your heart stronger. It will pump blood more efficiently into your penis.

    Good luck, have fun and keep us updated!!
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    Current stats October 15th, 2009 - (100% erection) NBPEL: 7.20' EG: 5.375'

    Goal: NBPEL: 8' EG: 6' (objective: girth)

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      man i had the foreskin problem when i started, just keep practicing. i use my non-jelq hand to pull my balls downwards for V jelqs to get a better jelq of my penis and not skin.

      Yes the idea ofthe jelq is to force more blood into your penis and thus expanding it

      BPEL 6"
      EG (mid) 4.75"
      EG (base) 5"


      BPEL 7"
      EG ( mid) 5"
      EG (base) 5.5"

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      2nd goal 7.5" x 5.75"

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        Originally posted by mrcarrick View Post
        man i had the foreskin problem when i started, just keep practicing. i use my non-jelq hand to pull my balls downwards for V jelqs to get a better jelq of my penis and not skin.

        Yes the idea ofthe jelq is to force more blood into your penis and thus expanding it
        I do the same thing with my V Jelqs.


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          I'll be sure to start a log pretty soon, I'm sure it will help with motivation to keep it all going, between any results.

          And thanks for that clarification, I'll try holding it back with the V Jelq's, should make it easier, and I'll worry less about forcing as much blood as possible in there and more on doing it right. I have noticed that the veins do become much more pronounced, even though it may not feel completely engorged.

          Can't jump straight into combat without training.

          On the side of goals, short term I'm aiming for 7 by 5. I think that is doable.

          But would a long term goal of 8 by 5.5 be realistic? I understand though that that could take a significant amount of time. I'm just glad I found this young, only 18 at the moment.

          Last question, more from your guys personal experiance, I take it my penis has stopped naturally growing by now right? Never gotten a clear answer on that.

          Thanks for making a guy welcome.


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            AW, one thing I found helpful for myself when v-jelqing, is just as I am approaching my glans (with the accompanying skin), I do a strong kegel and it usually pulls my skin back down for me. Then I finish it off by forcing my next grip deep down into my base. Definitely use a real good lubricant, as that will help lessen the friction that results in pulling up the skin as you jelq.

            I don't know Radio, I much prefer jelqing to stretching. I don't have much choice as I prefer not to clamp, hang or pump.
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