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    Two interesting polls were conducted in the Poll Section, one asked what your starting girth was, the other asked what it is now. I looked at the data and posted in the Poll Section, but to summarize it shows the same percentages at each size when compared to before and after. The problem was that we don't know if the same people posted in both (there were almost 4 times as many responses to the present girth size poll).

    Here is what I would like to try:
    Please post your following info, then if enough people respond, I will average it all out and it will at least give us some idea about improvement over time.

    Beginning Erect Middle Girth: mine was 5 3/4"
    Present Erect Middle Girth: mine is 6 1/3"

    Beginning Erect Bone Pressed Length: mine was 7"
    Present Erect Bone Pressed Length: mine is 7 1/4"

    How long have you been into PE on a regular basis: 5 months

    Have you incorporated devices into your routine: no

    Did you concentrate on girth, length, or both: both
    FL 6.0"/MFG 5.75", BPEL 7.00"/MEG 6.5"

    The Ultimate Jelq (The UJ)
    The Ultimate V (The UV)
    Testicle Jelq (The TJ)
    Heated Bundled LAS
    Ultimate Warmup Exercise