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  • pe without pumps or stretchers

    Has anyone trained in pe without using a pump or a stretcher device and seen good results because i do not have any pumps or stretcher devices and i heard pumps can be dangerous and kill the penis so i rather not get one just a good dedicated routine will i still see good gains

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    I have been doing manual exercizes for a couple years casually, and more recently 6/7 days per week.

    I have gained .75" BPEL over those 3 years not taking it too seriously. Although I used to think pumping 'kills the penis' but I got a bathmate and it is very safe and effective. I'm testing the 'cementing' theory.

    In terms of your routine - taylor make it to fit you - all our bodies are different, and our ability to withstand penile punishment may change on a day to day basis - develop a regular routine and modify as necessary. I have done regular manual exercizes for some time now, and can successfully find the line between overdoing it and some nice healthy post workout soreness
    6/15/07: BPEL = 5.5"; EG = 4.75" (not-serious pe)
    10/22/09: BPEL = 6.2"; EG = 5.1" (began serious pe)
    12/21/09: BPEL = 6.5" (+.3); EG = 5.4" (+.3)
    6/23/10: BPEL = 6.7" (+.2); EG = 5.5" (+.1)


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      Manual stuff is as effective, and possibly more effective for the most part. I do agree that weights and other devives can make it easier to do MORE of the exercises, but not necessarily any more effective. What makes it all effective is sticking with the routine. I use a pump only about twice a week and the only stretching device I use, and recommend for length, is weights. Just make your own home made version.
      BPEL 6 3/4''
      EG 5 (mid shaft)

      BPEL 7 1/8"
      EG 5 1/4"

      Restarted 8/4/09
      BPEL 7 1/4"
      EG 5 1/4"

      BPEL 7 1/4+"
      NPBEL 6.6
      EG 5 1/4"
      BPFS 7 3/4"

      (After restart 3 months on Phallosan only) 8/11/20
      BPEL 7.5
      NBEL 6.75
      EG ?

      Long term goal
      BPEL 8"
      EG 6


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        Originally posted by krazey47409
        dam u worked 11 god dam years 4 1 inch holy shit i hope i dont have 2 do 11 years for 1 fucking incxh
        This was a piece of shit post. Clean up your act and post correctly.

        I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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          I've requested and edit and issued an infraction. If the post is edited properly I'll allow the infraction to expire in 10 days.

          I've used a pump and a stretcher krazey, but only achieved gains with manual exersizing.........

          Dr. PhibbysHammer has not got 3 degrees from HARVARD, YALE and PRINCETON and is in no way LICENSED TO PRACTICE MEDICINE or PSYCHOLOGY.