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recommended extenders?

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  • recommended extenders?

    Hey guys i was looking up some extenders heard some great stuff about the jes extender

    just wanted to know if any of you guys have some experience in using extenders

    and if possible can give me some good input and reccomendations on what brand to get.... Thanks

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    I know very little about extenders. The biggest help I could give is for your to check out BetterMan: Penis Enlargement Plan and check out the extenders on there.

    After all, it is Big Al's site - or he atleast plays a big part in it - so you can guarantee the stuff you're getting is legit.

    The package also looks like it comes with a lot of goodies including remek's book (really really good) and one-on-one instruction.

    Hope this helps.
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      i have a Size Genetics that i've decided i don't want. i've had it for a week and it hasn't made direct contact with my dick yet. i'm going to be using other methods instead. unfortunately i can't return it to them. if anyone is interested it's yours for $175 (HALF PRICE). this is a 100% legit offer. paying through Paypal will insure you as well. please send me a PM if interested!