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Little pain from stretches

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  • Little pain from stretches

    Is it normal to have a little pain at the pubic bone from stretching? I just figured it was the ligs from being worked out. Also for length, I know a lot of people have gone to hanging. What is the best device for this? Maybe I should give it a try. I'm really looking for length. Thx

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    Soreness and discomfort is ok and expected, PAIN however is BAD!! If you suffer pain (meaning it actually hurts when you touch the area or your unit or at anytime you use your unit) You've injured yourself and need to take off for recovery. It is my understanding that BIB makes the best and most affordable hanger. If you search BIB in the forum you will find many references and even some pics .
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      Definetly more of just soreness. I've been reading more about LOT and just started doing more downward manual stretches than any other. Must be doing something because I never had lig soreness before. Now it feels as though I'm really targeting the inner penis right at the base of the pubic bone. Thats where the soreness is. So it's all good I'm thinking. As for the BIB hanger. I've seen it many times myself here and there on here. I suppose I've contemplated getting one in the past, but didn't know if hanging was a waste of time. Seems like a lot of people now a days have gone to it. I suppose one will never know unless one tries eh? Thx Phibbs.