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  • more flat or round

    hi every one
    first I'm actually a beginner in PE as well English so please forgive my mistakes
    so my problem is that penis not small but flat, not too much but very noticeable and I'm worried if i start the girth routine it will become more flat , so my question is how do i make it round and what exercises should i do and don't, because if i gain in width i will have really ugly shape so please can some one help me .

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    i suggest warm it up with a wet hot towel.. in microwave.. Keep towel on for 10 minutes.. then jelq.. BUT i suggest getting the power jelq device.. its two rollers that constantly put pressure on the smooth muscle because it works on the top and bottom but the sides should come afterwards as the blood will be pushed there as well.. if your doing it with your hands just make sure you put alot of pressure on the top of the penis as well as the bottom.. do this for about 10 minutes then warm down with towel again for 10 min.. since your new to this you should take it slow..

    OR start with the newbie routine as desribed on the front page.. i am just explaining an excersise that targets what your looking for..


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      Hey and welcome to the Gym stud_999,

      Your English is adequate so well done. Jelqing in its basic form encourages a rounding of the shaft, so exersizing your unit with jelqs should actually help you achieve your desired results. Stretching will encourage length and some girth growth but will not have much of an affect on the flatness or roundness of your unit. I wouldn't fear further flattening unless you intend to do exersizes such as flaccid bends as they do flatten the shaft during the exersize. A good edging routine would also encourage a more rounder shaft as long as your grip is round. Let us know if we can help and good luck!!

      Dr. PhibbysHammer has not got 3 degrees from HARVARD, YALE and PRINCETON and is in no way LICENSED TO PRACTICE MEDICINE or PSYCHOLOGY.


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        thank you every one
        i will start the 90 day routine with this tips
        again thanks