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A couple of questions for the pros.

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  • A couple of questions for the pros.

    I've been doing the 90 day beginners routine for a couple of months. For the first two weeks I gained 0.4 inches in length, from 6 inches to 6.4, since then I've stopped gaining lengthwise. I couldn't make any progress in girth until a couple of days ago. I do 2 days on one day off, but due to the fact I ran out of hot water the past weekend I skipped two day, because I thought theres no point doing these exercises unless you warm up properly (I warm up witha hot bath). Anyway I started jelqing again on monday, and noticed my dick was thicker then It's ever been before, I noticed this also Tuesday, so I got to tempted to take a measurement, I went from 4.6 to 4.8, so at last I gained a little girth. Do you think this may have been due to the extra unwanted rest period? Also, is it quite common to stop gaining in length like I did.

    Another thing. I did some stretching tonight and after the stretching, I got a red spot on my penis, and I also got a purple spot, it's quite big (like a big freckle) and feels a little lumpy. Is this serious? I had a smaller purple lump about a month ago and it went away the following day. My dick doesn't feel sore or anything, but when you get purple lumps is that a concern? I will admit that before the stretches that my dick felt less flexible, I warmed up for ten minutes in a hot bath beforehand but my dick felt less able to stretch, as if I should have given a longer warm up. Is it serious anyway?