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    I'm about 4.6 in girth, and would like to add 1 to 1.5 inches. Is this a realistic and obtainable goal, and what's the most effective workout to achieve it? Jelq?


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    Are you just starting out?

    When your penis has recieved some conditioning look into girth exercises (they can be found following the 'Guides' tab at the top or through a forum search). If you haven't finished your first three months then stick with a basic routine and jelq at around 60-70% erection as the higher levels seem to effect girth gains more.
    31 May '09:
    FL - 3" 1, FG - 3" 7
    EL - 4" 7, EG - 4" 8

    Short-term target:
    FL - 4", FG - 3" 8
    EL - 5" 5, EG 5"

    Achieving 6" for me will feel like the average man achieving 8.


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      Thanks. Is a 1 to 1.5 inch gain in girth a reasonable expectation/goal?



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        Yes probably it is and I also look for it. You must READ READ and READ during your newbie months and you must condition your penis with basic exercises.
        For what I have seen this kind of girth gains are not achived with just manual exercise but for now you must not think to that goal and advanced techniques. Set small goals and go for them 0.1 to 0.1 ....
        This is my strategy.
        Start mid June 2009: BPEL 6.3 x EG 4.7
        Now feb 2010: BPEL 6.9 x EG 4.92 base (4.75 mid)
        Short-mid term goal: 7 x 5
        Long term goal: 7.5 x 5.5


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          Yea going little by little is the way to go. Though basic jelqing will get you some girth. I gained about .25from the newbie routine, and about .5 more from some advanced exercises.
          Starting stats - June 08': 6'' NBPEL, 4.25'' EG
          Initial Goal: 7'' NBPEL

          Sept 09': 7'' NBPEL, 5'' EG
          Jan 10': 7'' NBPEL, 5.5" EG (begin maintenance routine)
          June 11': 7'' NBPEL, 5.75" EG
          July 13': 7" NBPEL, 5.9" EG, began jelqing again.

          Goal: 7.5" NBPEL, 6.25'' EG

          It's a game of inches.


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            Nice. How long has it taken you to gain the .75, and what advanced routines have worked best for you?


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              I am approaching 3/4" gain in girth since June, and I did only basic manual stuff. I posted to a thread recently, here it is. There is nothing new or revolutionary in my post, but then that is a good thing as it shows at least some of us can accomplish a lot without having to go all crazy to get it.

              FL 6.0"/MFG 5.75", BPEL 7.00"/MEG 6.5"

              The Ultimate Jelq (The UJ)
              The Ultimate V (The UV)
              Testicle Jelq (The TJ)
              Heated Bundled LAS
              Ultimate Warmup Exercise