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  • getting a pump...

    So I would like to work pumping into my routine but I had a few questions.

    1. If I pump before sex will I keep my length and girth during sex? How long should the pump actually last?

    2. Pump before or after my manual workout?

    3. Pump recommendations? I was thinking of getting a bathmate but I am up to any suggestions.
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    • MEG: 5 2/8
    • NBPFL: 5 1/2
    • Weight Loss 19 lbs (291)
    First Goal:
    • BPEL: 6.5
    • NBPL: 6
    • MEG: 5.5
    • NBPFL: 6
    • Weight: 285

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    I'm not sure about anything to do with pumping, but I can refer you to Radiohead's thread in which he reviews his new bathmate hydropump.
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      This should help!!
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        im buying a bathmate soon but i hear its not the best plus its pretty cheap


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          What is a bathmate? A pocket pussy? (seriously curious)


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            I'm not sure about the bathmate but I have a Joel Kaplan pump I bought ten years ago. I have the electric motor and the manual hand pump.

            I use it on my "girth days" and usually do it after jelqing and right before I clamp. But, I imagine might help before jelqing as well since more fluid is in the penis at this point.

            As the pump produces more fluid and jelq more blood into the penis, they are slightly different in their effect. I am pretty sure jelq will have a long term effect quicker than a pump but a pump gives you short term size pretty fast. It may if done regularly produce lasting effects though. I use it about three times a week and find my penis stays "fuller" more often, even though it is probably just a state of being swollen rather than "new size" but feel I do it pretty moderately so the negatives are few and the positives could be worth it (just 20 to 30 minutes each session).

            Be careful about before sex as if you do it too much you may not get the rock hard erection you want but if done low pressure and a for only a little while it should give it a heavier and thicker dimension. I have used it a few times before going to hot tub parties where you know the "little guy" will be in full site. Has produced a good effect in those cases
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